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Sorry to throw everyone off by actually emailing early today...but we are going to Amsterdam today. It is my first time ever...(Can you believe that??) and I only have like 2 and a half weeks I figured I should probably at least go see it, because a ton of people are going to be asking me if I went there when I get back...and because of course who doesnt want to go to Amsterdam????
Well this week was great. Super crazy busy, but great.
There are not enough hours in a day, and yet, I am always sooooo ready for the day to be over, so I can go to bed...but at the same time it is terrible because every day that goes by means I am closer to going home...(cry face/happy face).

As you can see my emotions have been up and down alllllllllllllllllllllll week! It is a love/hate relationship. Yesterday I broke down just while looking at our eating calendar and realizing that I wont be here for some appointments. Ridiculous I know....but it is sooooo sad that the work just keeps going and I cant even be here to be a part of it. Of course it is a good thing that it keeps going, but not being able to be here and be a missionary is no fun.
Well you know what I mean...haha of course being home will be fun as well.
You just cant have the best of both worlds I guess...

Anyways enough of me whining!

We met with Rut this week who is from Curacao and he is wonderful. He told me he wants to get me something before I go, but I just said the only gift I wanted was a curacaon he said he would do his best...we will see:)

We had two exchanges this week...because sis. Lindsey came up for MLC, and her companion needed someone to work with. Which was cool for sis. Vandenberghe because she was comps with her in the was a blast and we did service at Wouters, and went and picked up sprouts in the tractor with him...(dont worry you will see the pics)

We also had exchanges with Den Haag and I worked with sis. Mercer...who was Sis. Conrads comp in the MTC. It was a good time. She is super funny!

Halloween party this week and we helped Peter with his scootmobile for the trunk or treat, and dressed up as old people:) It was really last second but it was a good time, plus lots of non members showed up, sooooo it was AWESOME!!

wat nog meer...
We also had an incredible dinner appt. on Saturday, because it was actually the parents of a recent convert who is now at BYU. They are wonderful and really opened up to us about their fears for their son going on a mission and not being able to see him. It was soooo wonderful being able to testify to them that the Lord would help them and comfort them and him during his service and that they would be extremely blessed for his service. They were great. We even roasted marshmallows on an actual campfire thing:)

Other than that literally just running around. I literally am the worst at planning tram times and everything, so we literally are always running around...catching trams and buses...but it is great. haha

Ik hou van jullie!!
I am actually excited to see you all dont worry!
Wees veilig,
fijne week verder,

Zuster Stewart-Chester

sis. Walquist on our way back in the carriage with sproutjes

stole from Ton de Groot on Facebook:) 
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this is our investigator...we had a game night!


Peter doesnt like thumbs up so we put our thumbs down...
the cute parents of the converts 


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