Monday, October 3, 2016

Indhira is gedoopt!!

It was way too late:) 
Goedemiddag Dames en Heren!!

Hello everyone. This week was rather extraordinary and I am excited to be able to tell you about it.
We saw a lot of miracles this week, and for the first time in a long time we taught a first lesson!:)

This week INDHIRA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was a beautiful service and most of it was in Spanish so that was great! It is surprising how much I can actually understand!
We even sang in Spanish...dont worry mom...we got it on video!

We fasted on Wednesday and then the blessings were poured down on top of us...literally. 
It poured this weekend.
But we were blessed as well, and the rain was really refreshing actually. After the drought the rain finally came...and we saw success. The Assistants were kind enough to knock in Wassenaar last week for us, and gave us a referral to go look up, and he is super awesome! He is from Curacao, and really interested. It was great speaking dutch and teaching a lesson again. THEN...we went to a kids house who we had given a Book of Mormon too, and couldnt go in, but asked him if he had read and what he thought. He said he likes it, and had flown to London and read it on his flight. WHAT?!?! Pretty cool!
AND THEN! We ran into this guy who had let us in a while back ANDREAS and he is awesome and funny and we talked with him in the rain for like 30 min! haha it was a great day...ended by eating delicious soup at the Kauffmans and correlating. It was a great day. 

Friday was also good...but haha no time to explain and nothing tooo interesting to put down...ask me when I get back.
Saturday was also GREAT!!
THEN on Sunday we have amazing members and we got to see a little bit of conference, and I AM SO HAPPY THAT THEY INVITED US....because...
On our tram ride to Leidschendam I sat down and there was an older couple on the other side, and I was bracing myself not wanting to talk to them but knew I needed to, and then this lady came towards me and smiled so I smiled back and said hello, and she sat next to us. I started talking to her and turns out she "knew who we were" / she had met missionaries in Bulgaria and didnt know they had a church here. We were rushing and I told her we had to get she started quickly telling us her number. CRAZY!!!
So that was cool, and we celebrated sis. De souza's birthday so it was pretty much a party this week.

Anyways. I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU....missions go by sooo fast.

OH YA, and there are transfers this week.
I will be dying in Zoetermeer with sis. Vandenberghe, and I am very excited. We are just getting used to it here, and really starting to work with the ward....hard part is though, is that we will be now taking on the Zoetermeer ward as well. Which is great because that means I will be speaking dutch a lot more for my last transfer on my mission..(WHAT MY LAST TRANSFER...I know I cant get over it....I AM NOT READY) The other sisters will be leaving...sis. De Souza to Belgium and Sis. Maughan to Groningen. So that is exciting for them....and we will be adding on one sister to our companionship. Sis. Brandenberg from Leeuwarden!! She is a visa waiter, and so I will be able to speak some dutch this transfer because I am going to force her to help me all the time. Also Fries because she is from Frieslaan!

Anyways we are very will be sad to see the other sisters go, because we have all grown  a lot together...but our apartment will be a lot cleaner haha and I might get more sleep.

Ik hou van jullie!
wees veilig, en heb een goede week,
Zuster Stewart-Chester



woke up sister de souza at midnight and decorated the place and shot her with confetti cannons.



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