Monday, September 26, 2016



district pday photo
Goedemorgen allemaal!

This week was a good one...besides a little bit of a scare in the middle. I dont have that much time again today, so it will be a quick one again, but hopefully it is a good one. 

So this week:
I had a weird virus hit me, and I was super exhausted. Just soooo out of it. It felt as though I had taken medicine to put me to sleep, I was so tired. The first day I kind of just dealt with it, and tried to go out and work and knock...and I was feeling a little nauseous and had a sore throat and the day before I had been really itchy. 
We had an incredible lesson with Indhira and we are preparing her for her baptism on October 1. She is wonderful, and we are sooo excited for her.

Afterwards I called sister Bunnell, and she told me to kind of take it easy...well the next thing I know Brother Kauffman our ward mission leader calls and tells me that his daughter got chicken pox, and didnt want to have our correlation tomorrow at his house for the safety of us possibly getting it. Because his daughter had been vaccinated, and still gotten it. Well after I got off the phone with him I looked up some symptoms of chicken pox, and I found this:
Fever...which hadnt happened yet. Being itchy and really tired! Welllllll I totally thought that I could be coming on with the chicken pox. So the next day I just waited to see if I would start to get headaches or a fever...and sure enough I woke up and had a very bad headache but no fever. We went out and worked and the wind did not help my headache very much. So I went home and called President. He did a lot of checks over the phone, and had my comp look down my throat and at a bump I found on my belly....(I know a little too similar) but said to keep on going...take some eibeprofen and go back to work. So I took some medicine, and I was still exhausted so we made some calls. I talked to this lady from Haiti and she was super nice...and super postive. She said we were welcome to go by....

So anyways the next day I woke up still a little exhausted, but feeling a lot better and on our way back from doing service on Wouter's farm, I received a call from the lady from Haiti's daughter. I am not going to lie, I really thought she was going to tell me not to go visit her mother, because that has happened all too often. But she then proceeded to tell me that she had prayed to find a church a good church for her to go and worship her God and then her mom had called giving her our number and telling her that she should go to our church. Well I told her which church we were and she found out that we were "Mormons" and she was not very happy...but after a very long convo I talked her into at least meeting with us and testified that God was showing her the direction that she needed to take, and had answered her prayer. So we will see, she actually lives in Den Haag so I handed her off to the sisters there. But it was an incredible experience. because on those days that you just feel like crap and lazy and you make calls, God knows me too well, and knew that I would be making calls. So even through the partly laziness but also sickness of myself God was able to touch someone and answer someones prayer. Area Book work is the best. Why waste a book full of people who were actually interested at some I right??
So it turns out I do not have chicken pox...but it all worked out...maybe God made me feel sick so that I could get in contact with her:)

I love you all and miss you. The young women's Conference was wonderful, I hope all the women watched it and loved it. I love this work. It is tiring but soooo rewarding. I love serving those around me!

Fijne week!
wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

p.s. my companion is incredible, and just wanted to give her a shout out, because she is great. I hope her parents know that she is a wonderful missionary, and will do some amazing things here.

Delft for pday

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by the way, in delft we found van der burg chocolate!!!!​

Friday, September 23, 2016



Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Ger and SC are Homies"


I HAVE NO TIME!!! Sorry the Elders got here late, and we have to rotate computers with 6 missionaries, so it is a struggle. I will do better next week!

Just a couple awesome things that happened this week:

Zone Conference!!! It was such a blast, and I got to see all of my buddies in Gouda, because we had it with the Rotterdam Zone. We focused a lot on the Restoration and it was incredible. I will have to say, it is one of the best conferences I have had yet. De geest was aanwezig!! The spirit was present! My testimony of the Restoration was comfirmed. I know that Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. I know that the Book of Mormon is true! ...If you dont, find out!:)

wat nog meer....

I got to go to Haarlem this week, because sis. Vandenberghe went to Belgium. So that was super cool....sang in the centrum for random people with sis. Majors and sis. Cathers.

P-day was great. We went to this awesome place and played volleyball with Dave and then ate Herring....which I have waited my whole mission to eat, and it actually wasn't bad...with the onions it is quite tasty, besides the after taste and the fish breath for weeks afterwards.
and....then when I was with Sis. Majors she also wanted to try I had it with her as well because she asked me to. So I went from refusing to eat having it twice in one week.

We did service at Wouter's farm this week with the ward and scrubbed poop off walls...ahah it was great!!! I actually have learned to love cleaning and everything like that...even when it is gross. That farm looks soooo good:) haha
Then we went to go say hello to Ger...a baby red cow that is my best friend. "Ger and SC are Homies" -sis. De Souza. She always cuddles up to me, but then she was blocking our way out not letting us leave so we had to coax her to get away from the door...haha she was being a little sassy. I think the flies were bugging her real bad that day. haha

Miracle real quick: On the way back from Zone Conference, the trains we closed going from Gouda to Zoetermeer, so we had to first go to Rotterdam Centraal. And then I sat next to this guy named Jademire. He was super cool, and I told him about the Book of Mormon gave him one and he was sooo excited about it. He said he had always thought that Christ would have visited everyone not just the Jews or the Hebrews! So I got his info and I am going to hand it off to the Rotterdam Elders. Pretty cool. Never would have met him if the trains hadnt have been working!!

anyways. I hope you all have a good week!!

wees veilig,
fijne week,
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Zuster Van Denburge , me and Herring....Elder Hosea

Bike Accidents:(  

Elder Bartolini (? I think (her pictures were all over the place) 

I found rollerblades in the Haarlem apartment.
Last Sunday in Gouda with my homies

Ton de Groot

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Volleyball Met Dave:)  

Zuster Majors Herring:) 

The planner I made for Zuster Vandenberghe.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

`I can literally smell the mother birthing her calf!!!`


Well this week was pretty crazy!!
Ton de Groot!

From getting verbally attacked by a Jehovah´s Witness saying that everyone has to become one or you will not go to heaven, to teaching Indhira, to working in Wassenaar and talking to people from all over the world, to cleaning out stalls of cow poop, and potlucks at the church with an Indonesia theme to celebrate a 90 year old mans birthday!!

We finally had a correlation with everyone and established where we are actually going to work and what our boundaries are sort of, so this week we went to work...

Doralin who was recently baptized is on fire with missionary work, has introduced us to Indhira from the Dominican Republic and she is incredible. We have a baptismal date for her planned on October 1st. So we are really excited for her!! She is really prepared. 

We worked in Wassenaar and found some potentials, and even scheduled an appointment with a lady from England.

I couldnt really get anywhere with the Jehovah´s Witness man, as you probably have already guessed. He wouldnt really let us speak and just kept going on and on about the 144 thousand. Or whatever number it is. He was nice though...sort of. haha Not going to lie I didnt just let him walk all over me, because of course I cant do that. But I just bore testimony and promised him that if he actually read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it he would receive an answer. He didnt say he would, and then invited me to pray to be humbled and to find that I was actually wrong...haha. So we will probably not be knocking on his door any time soon!

The potluck was good. Delicious food, and Indhira came with her son, so we had a good time...

Other than that it was just a crazy week. We are just trying to find new investigators. The new ward mission leader is incredible and is already helping SO much. He looks just like you Dad Will and even reminds me of you in a lot of ways. He invited Doralin to dinner with us and also Indhira and he was just going missionary mode and baring powerful testimony. It was great! I barely had to do anything;) Naah but it is going really well here, and I am excited for a good and busy week!

I love you all and miss you. Crazy how time is flying by. I am so tired all the time, but I am not ready to leave. It feels unreal. My greeny is still great and her dutch is great!! She is way too hard on herself though and stresses being in the International ward. 

Anyways.....I hope you all have a great we are all going to go play volleyball with Dave on sand courts so I am pumped:)

Ik hou van jullie!!
wees veilig!
fijne week!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

p.s. I forgot to explain the quote at the at service this week at Wouter's he had us do all kinds of things like shovel dirt, pick weeds, and clean out stalls where the calves had stayed. Well it smelled really bad, and I was saying to sis. Vandenberghe that they probably hadnt been cleaned even after being birthed....and this was her response. haha it was lovely.
ur Dominicanse Republic onderzoeker made us delicous food!!

Ton de Groot!He was being super funny and singing songs for us! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Count your many blessings...

I saw Kimberly Verdegem at the baptism this weekend and Elder Kauer so that was cool!!!


Hey everyone! Everything is going well here. We had a pretty good week this week. Nothing tooo crazy, but it was good.

Monday was the most inspiring day. We went to Dave's to play games and he just sat us down and we all had a really good discussion about things we are grateful for and why we have a reason to celebrate life! LIFE IS SOOOOO GREAT!! and we have sooo many reasons to be grateful. Then we went to a Mos's house and he talked about how he had been in prison and his leg was shot in Iran. He said he had been so angry at God for feeling the pain, but when they came to hang him (because he was on death penalty) they had left him, because of his leg, thinking that he would die from the pain anyways. Well because of his pain he survived and escaped. He said he thanks God for the pain everyday. Because even though he still feels it sometimes, he can live, walk and bike. about a slap in the face....I needed it. I need to be more grateful, and I think we all do.

I went on exchanges to Den Haag this week, with sis. Ibrahim...which is funny because I was her sister training leader, and now she is mine. It was a good time. We saw some small was a long day because about 3 appt.'s fell through, but fun. I totally talked to a guy from China and was able to talk chinese to him, because Elder Bartolini had taught me a little bit...and he understood what I was saying haha. So I am going to have him teach me some more sometime. Also kind of cool, we had been contacting before our lunch appointment, and knocked for a little and then started walking over...there was music playing and a guy was picking up trash and banging his pincher things against a pole to the music, so I commented on it and just said how it was probably easier to do his work with some music in the background. He agreed and we started talking to him. He wants a Book of there you go.

Also fun little thing because I know my greenies parents will want to hear this because I was really proud...Sis. Vandenberghe while on exchanges here had sat on a tram with the other sisters, they had all sat in a four seater and she had sat down on the other side with another lady, and totally started talking to her, and had a great conversation with her. She is great. I was so proud, that she did it even being around 3 other sisters who have been out longer than she has. 
I also learned how to write eternity in Japanese this week because a guy sat down next to us with a cool tattoo haha. He told me that he hasnt told very many people what it means, so I felt pretty special haha, and said he didnt know if he believed in eternity, but if it did, than he would see us there. 
There was another baptism this weekend for Amnon who the Elders had worked with. It was a beautiful service, and a lot of people came to support him and the spirit was strong.
We also tried to go to a Bible study with this lady this week, but my tire went flat, and we couldnt get it pumped up so we had to reschedule. Because we then had to take the tram to get to church on time. 

Anyways...that was my week. It was a good one. I love and miss you all!!
Also shout out to my mom!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I promise I remembered and I sent a letter, I just didnt have any stamps so it is on its way...and also shout out to Brady for your Birthday tomorrow. I am grateful that you both are in my life, and I love and miss you.

Ik hou van jullie!
Wees veilig!
Fijne week!
zuster stewart-chester

Doralin who got baptized last week....Zuster de souza, Zuster Vandenberghe , and Zuster Maughn

selfies with MOS....

Ger ! At Wouter´s farm

My District....

Zuster De Souza and boys from Gouda visiting for the baptism.Simon and Remart

Amnon's baptism

Zuster Dixon and Zuster Greening....I died Zuster Dixon's hair brown:)