Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Ger and SC are Homies"


I HAVE NO TIME!!! Sorry the Elders got here late, and we have to rotate computers with 6 missionaries, so it is a struggle. I will do better next week!

Just a couple awesome things that happened this week:

Zone Conference!!! It was such a blast, and I got to see all of my buddies in Gouda, because we had it with the Rotterdam Zone. We focused a lot on the Restoration and it was incredible. I will have to say, it is one of the best conferences I have had yet. De geest was aanwezig!! The spirit was present! My testimony of the Restoration was comfirmed. I know that Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. I know that the Book of Mormon is true! ...If you dont, find out!:)

wat nog meer....

I got to go to Haarlem this week, because sis. Vandenberghe went to Belgium. So that was super cool....sang in the centrum for random people with sis. Majors and sis. Cathers.

P-day was great. We went to this awesome place and played volleyball with Dave and then ate Herring....which I have waited my whole mission to eat, and it actually wasn't bad...with the onions it is quite tasty, besides the after taste and the fish breath for weeks afterwards.
and....then when I was with Sis. Majors she also wanted to try I had it with her as well because she asked me to. So I went from refusing to eat having it twice in one week.

We did service at Wouter's farm this week with the ward and scrubbed poop off walls...ahah it was great!!! I actually have learned to love cleaning and everything like that...even when it is gross. That farm looks soooo good:) haha
Then we went to go say hello to Ger...a baby red cow that is my best friend. "Ger and SC are Homies" -sis. De Souza. She always cuddles up to me, but then she was blocking our way out not letting us leave so we had to coax her to get away from the door...haha she was being a little sassy. I think the flies were bugging her real bad that day. haha

Miracle real quick: On the way back from Zone Conference, the trains we closed going from Gouda to Zoetermeer, so we had to first go to Rotterdam Centraal. And then I sat next to this guy named Jademire. He was super cool, and I told him about the Book of Mormon gave him one and he was sooo excited about it. He said he had always thought that Christ would have visited everyone not just the Jews or the Hebrews! So I got his info and I am going to hand it off to the Rotterdam Elders. Pretty cool. Never would have met him if the trains hadnt have been working!!

anyways. I hope you all have a good week!!

wees veilig,
fijne week,
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Zuster Van Denburge , me and Herring....Elder Hosea

Bike Accidents:(  

Elder Bartolini (? I think (her pictures were all over the place) 

I found rollerblades in the Haarlem apartment.
Last Sunday in Gouda with my homies

Ton de Groot

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Volleyball Met Dave:)  

Zuster Majors Herring:) 

The planner I made for Zuster Vandenberghe.

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