Monday, October 26, 2015

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ....Are you?

​I tried to take a picture like I was holding it never worked out. haha. This is to rub in Elder Fairbanks face!! The tallest rock climbing wall in the world...he said. We live right by it and pass it a lot. I thought you would like this Christina and Dad Will!
​just biking..errrryyday.

Well this week was just peachy..honestly not much to report on, but I will do my best.

We had "Bro-day" this week...which is basically just when the zone leaders come and spend the day with us to see how we are doing...but they are busy. haha
So we had Lunch with the Romig's and this super cool guy from Scotland with them and then they had to go, but it was a great time. I got talked into playing a song for them...and of course "No one knew, I Heard Him Come"...until after I started singing I did a solo for everyone. 
Haha they are super nice, and the guy from Scotland told me I should go professional...haha I got a really good laugh out of that one. They are just too kind here.

I dont know if I told you, but they had us sing in Sacrament the other week, and now they are having me sing with the Singing Elders for this super cool thing they are doing with a completely different religion. They are renovating the church here so we are going to be meeting in another church. They agreed to a combined church thing in between to watch Meet the Mormons and get to know each other. So now they want me to sing with the Singing Elders...should be cool.

This week...Elder Reese came on exchanges with Elder Wootan and he used to play the piano for the Singing Elders. So we went to the station and sang songs and played the piano and contacted people that way. It was super fun, and was way better than knocking doors.

We knock doors a lot here in my mission...A LOT! haha Just trying to find people who are willing to talk to us.

Shout out to Uncle Cory! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PROFICIAT!!

Just a reminder mom...they are changing the mission home address so I think I sent it to you all but if not let me know.

Now to my title...sorry it will be a short letter this week..
This week I had a lesson with someone who basically just kept bashing on Joseph Smith. 
I couldnt take it any more after a while, and just defended him, and bore my testimony of him.
It really helped me realize how strong of faith I have. I know that he was and IS a true prophet of God. He is no fallen prophet. I am not ashamed of this Gospel. I wear Jesus Christ's name on my shirt. I wear a stupid helmet while people laugh and shout rude things at me. I knock doors and get them slammed in my face. I know that this is Jesus' true church restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I AM NOT ASHAMED! my question for all of you is...ARE YOU?
I know in High School, in California, I avoided the topic of church...and almost tried to never bring up that I was mormon. How ridiculous is that? I could have done so much more. 
Stand up. Dont be afraid to be different. Just as President Monson said. Be a light. Be different. DON'T BE ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST!!.. P.s. This is a scripture in Romans 1:16...I think.

I love you all. Stand up for what you believe and be that light for those who are in darkness!!

Ik hou van jullie!
Prettige week nog!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Our house is the one on the right:)

these are the bel op's we did for about an hour and a half one day this week. Bel op: call up

​bedroom for you mom cuz you asked for pics of the house

​I know this is terrible...but it is the only picture that wasnt extremely camera made it look like fire though. pretty cool.

Monday, October 19, 2015


This week was a good one, and I was finally able to rest a little bit haha.
Den Haag temple
We had Temple Conference this week, so I was able to go through the Den Haag Temple and it was all in dutch!
Plus I could actually understand a lot of it.  EVEN COOLER!
BUT....after Temple Conference...President Bunnell had us all get a Flu-shot...and supposedly it knocked out quite a few people in the mission. haha My companion got a super bad sour throat...and I threw up the other night.
You will be happy to know mother...that I am totally not afraid to throw up anymore...and honestly, I kind of made myself throw up so I could get it over with, and feel better.
Elder Wootan on the mustaches from home and wanted
the sisters to take a picture with them on... I dont know how to spell
everyones names in this pic...sis. bush top right. eld. Thom
 from suriname next to her. zus. Doxy with head down..
and Zus. Coawles* sorry... haha
Train rides...people steal my camera a lot..
.and we always have a good time
I was pretty weak the next day though, and we tried to do stuff...but yesterday we both passed out and I slept through till the morning...whoops. ha ha That shot did something to me. ha ha
​This one is better...although I still have fuzz on my cheek...
Elder Meads bottom left. Elder Abanki in right corner...
he is also from Suriname  i think.
Anyways other than that...
We had a cool wijk BBQ (ward) and it was good...good to actually get to know some of the ward members a little bit more. I am excited to get to work! 
We sang and I played the guitar in Sacrament went really well. They now want me to sing and play for another thing...and hopefully with the singing Elders. So we will see. I am always soooo grateful for LITTLE GOETHALS!! I miss the Goethals a bunch.
The other day we had Interviews with President and Zuster Bunnell...they had just come from seeing Broeder Goethals, and they said he said that they missed and loved me. I was so happy, I miss Gent a ton!
BUT... Groningen is great too. It is a beautiful place...I just need to get to work.
It is starting to get super cold...except I might have said that last week.
Yep it is cold. But dont worry mom, I have already bought a coat a while back so I am prepared...I might have to get some boots here in about a month because my rain boots are awesome...but not that warm.
I went to Leeuwarden  on exchanges this week with Zus. Jaramillo from Aruba...she is fantastic and we had such a good time...I am sorry I have no pictures of Leeuwarden. Mom dont kill me. 
I had hardly any time there because we went later in the day and left super early in the morning.
But I do have some fantastic pictures for you all vrees niet!!
Other than that we have just been working..when we can. It was a busy week and then we both got pretty sick so we couldnt get much done...we are still recovering, but hopefully we will be able to kill it this week.
The temple is amazing!! Make sure you take advantage of how close it is...Zus.. Jaramillo at home would have to spend 500$ just to go to the temple. We dont even realize how easy it is sometimes!
Ik hou van jullie!
Wees Veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester
 This is Elder Gross. haha this picture explains exactly who he is. He is the best.

Elder Bringhurst and Elder Smith stole my camera.

Zus. Jaramillo from Aruba

sorry terrible quality pic...but they tried to guess
Fletcher's name for like an hour. they had seen a pic
 of him on my scripture case that I made

Zus. Jaramillo is hilarious! 

The church building here in Groningen

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Zus Karlson and I

Hoe is het met jullie???
Alles Goed?

Well this week was great...a long week, but a great one nonetheless.

We went to the Martini Tower here in Groningen on Monday...pretty cool, don't worry I have a couple pictures.

It is starting to get really cold here. REALLY COLD!! haha. We had to bike to church yesterday morning and we practically died. Of course I wasn't wearing tights, just some long I was feeling the breeze for sure.  My cheeks are always real Rosy now...I swear the wind just cuts them up and then it is so cold...that they try to warm themselves up or something. 

Anyways...enough about my cheeks..I am killing it on my bike. FOR REALS...we bike soooo much here, and sometimes make the same 45 min. bike ride to the church like 3 times in a day. 

Martini Tower
Zus. Riley who was here before me but left to go home came back to Groningen to visit with her mom this week. She is a vegan and we got her to try Harring....(which I am waiting to eat...till it is actually fresh in June of next year...also to prepare myself). It was awesome. We all met up in the centrum and tons of people came as well. Even a Jovo: YSA in the ward named Oviedo. He is super awesome...he was on his way to get breakfast from the store and saw us. Went in bought two bananas and a box of cruesli cereal (the cereal that literally every missionary is obsessed with) and came out and hung out with us. It was a party for sure.

Now the title...It is actually for Broeder Goethal...he understands. Remember to ask me about it when I get home.
But It is also because my dutch is already sooooo much better!!! I am really having to teach the lessons here and talk more than I did with Zus. Robbins (because she was such a boss with the language) so I can really see the difference every day. 

This week we taught two awesome lessons....
One guy named Brian yesterday and it was amazing!! He is so in tune with the spirit and said he really felt that everything we taught him was true. SO COOL!!! He also is a Barber and colors I am going to have him do my hair...
I am now accepting votes: Go blonde again and risk my hair being no as healthy, but looking good? or keep my hair healthy and go darker again? 
Please let me know your thoughts...I am really struggling over this decision. 

I also keep forgetting to tell you all about my new companion. She is fantastic.
We ride bikes Every where....Zus Karlson
Zuster Karlson: is from Colorado, and also kills it in volleyball, so we are going to play some of that today. She is beautiful and she is helping me want to be healthy this transfer because she was companioned with a vegan so she eats pretty healthy. She loves oatmeal...which I am still trying to like. It is not working. She really wants to do her best...and we are doing really good at uniting through the work. 

The work always helps us remember why we are here. There is seriously nothing like teaching a lesson being filled with the spirit, to remind you of what you are doing here on a mission. It makes all of the door knocking worth it...well sometimes;) haha but really. 

Quick shout out to Grandpa Eric!! PROFICIAT!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love you and hope you had the best birthday ever!...
Also I was thinking about Uncle Sean and Aunt Michelle this week. Hope you are both doing well. I love you more than you realize.

I miss you all so much, and love you. 
Blijf Veilig!!
Prettige week nog!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

There is a ton of water here...especially around our apartment. and ducks and swans.
just on the way...( our 45 min. bike ride) to the church.
p.s mom I am taking scenery pics...also I have TONS of Gent I just cant send them all because it takes way too long...but you will see them some day.

Sorry these aren't that good I took them while
I was riding my bike this morning!

Terrible picture, but this is the Romigs.  I sent a picture of the view
 from their apartment last week.  Aunt Jen knows them.  
The Market in Centrum......

Monday, October 5, 2015


Beards in a Dungeon

Hoe is it met jullie???

I am doing just great.
I have officially left Gent:( but also :) because now I can serve more people.
I was sooooo sad to say goodbye to everyone, dont worry I have some fantastic pictures for you all. Jelle met up with us at the station and we took a great picture in front of  construction...cuz why not? (hopefully you all just sang Lizzy McGuire when you read that)

We went to the Castle on Monday, because it was my last P-day in Gent. It was great. SOOOOOO beautiful. The Kortrijk Elders found random string in their apartment, and I dont know where they got the time to do this, but they made giant beards. It was soooo great.
Elder Jardine and Elder Lovin in Elder Stanger's beard.
Dont worry I took a classic picture with a beard in the dungeon. 'Tuurlijk!!!

The language here in different of course. It is almost hard to understand because it is soooo clear. But it is awesome.

I taught a first lesson this week to a guy from Aruba and he told me that he thought I was from BELGIUM...YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! haha I know that it isnt entirely true...because my accent isnt exactly is like an in between of both. 
The lesson went really well though. I didnt have Zus. Robbins to kill it in the lessons this time, so I had to just go for it...and I did. It went super well...and we had an awesome JOVO (YSA) member on joint teach with us and she shared her conversion story and it was great.

There is an awesome Senior Couple here: The Romig's and they are amazing. They make delicious American food for us...well...Stuff that people eat in America. Because we Americans eat every type of Food kind of. 

We have to ride bikes here to get everywhere. 
We have an awesome house...literally it is a house, and we even have a piano in it...but it is a 45 min. bike ride...just to get to the church and everything. kind of makes the house, not worth it. haha 
I saw Elder Wright on my
way through to Groningen!!
I was sooo happy. In your face Elder Fairbanks;)
Biking actually really isnt bad...I am using Zus. Riley's bike who died right before I got here...(WENT HOME...dont worry she is still alive..mission lingo) it is a little too tall, and stuck in the highest gear...but it really isnt bad. It is still easier than the bike I had before in Gent, and we dont have hills really here and it is lower elevation here than Gent. 
My first day though...was killer. I almost took out a mom and a baby on a bike (because moms ride bikes with like 3 kids on them) and almost died like 5 times...dont worry I have got the hang of it now. haha.

Now to get serious.
Wow was it great. We missed the first session because of travel for a baptism of someone Zus. Karlson had taught...and I was actually super sad about it...but We will just probably watch it another day this week...and I still havent seen the last session of Sunday's...but we are watching that next sunday...because that is how they do it here. 
I love Conference. I cant believe I ever took it for granted.
It was much needed for me and I learned so much. 
I loved what somebody said (whoops I didnt catch his name...of course) 
He talked about Never giving up, and Holding Fast. He said: Ïf trials seem more than you can bear...TURN TO HIM. I have really learned that these past few days. The Lord truly comforts us when we ask for help. Dont wait or try to do it yourself...TURN TO HIM. ALWAYS!! He will always help you, if you just call out immediately. Just like Peter as he started to sink and fear...he immediately called out to the Savior and without a second going by, as soon as he called out. Jesus came to his aid. He is always there...Just TURN TO HIM.

Ik hou van jullie heel veel, en miss juliie altijd.
Tijd gaat sneller en sneller elke dag. 
prettige week nog!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

top of the castle...I had to leave that beautiful city.

View from the Romigs apartment!

THE Verdegems!:) and Elder Groesbeck and Elder Fairbanks.

Jelle. #enoughsaid

​The Buysse's minus President Buysse...Teddy's twin in Star Wars shirt.
​Cute Ludwine. From Gent...she was so sweet, and made me promise I would write her.
I took a picture next to a maple leaf just for Elder Turner

The Piano in our house:)