Monday, October 19, 2015


This week was a good one, and I was finally able to rest a little bit haha.
Den Haag temple
We had Temple Conference this week, so I was able to go through the Den Haag Temple and it was all in dutch!
Plus I could actually understand a lot of it.  EVEN COOLER!
BUT....after Temple Conference...President Bunnell had us all get a Flu-shot...and supposedly it knocked out quite a few people in the mission. haha My companion got a super bad sour throat...and I threw up the other night.
You will be happy to know mother...that I am totally not afraid to throw up anymore...and honestly, I kind of made myself throw up so I could get it over with, and feel better.
Elder Wootan on the mustaches from home and wanted
the sisters to take a picture with them on... I dont know how to spell
everyones names in this pic...sis. bush top right. eld. Thom
 from suriname next to her. zus. Doxy with head down..
and Zus. Coawles* sorry... haha
Train rides...people steal my camera a lot..
.and we always have a good time
I was pretty weak the next day though, and we tried to do stuff...but yesterday we both passed out and I slept through till the morning...whoops. ha ha That shot did something to me. ha ha
​This one is better...although I still have fuzz on my cheek...
Elder Meads bottom left. Elder Abanki in right corner...
he is also from Suriname  i think.
Anyways other than that...
We had a cool wijk BBQ (ward) and it was good...good to actually get to know some of the ward members a little bit more. I am excited to get to work! 
We sang and I played the guitar in Sacrament went really well. They now want me to sing and play for another thing...and hopefully with the singing Elders. So we will see. I am always soooo grateful for LITTLE GOETHALS!! I miss the Goethals a bunch.
The other day we had Interviews with President and Zuster Bunnell...they had just come from seeing Broeder Goethals, and they said he said that they missed and loved me. I was so happy, I miss Gent a ton!
BUT... Groningen is great too. It is a beautiful place...I just need to get to work.
It is starting to get super cold...except I might have said that last week.
Yep it is cold. But dont worry mom, I have already bought a coat a while back so I am prepared...I might have to get some boots here in about a month because my rain boots are awesome...but not that warm.
I went to Leeuwarden  on exchanges this week with Zus. Jaramillo from Aruba...she is fantastic and we had such a good time...I am sorry I have no pictures of Leeuwarden. Mom dont kill me. 
I had hardly any time there because we went later in the day and left super early in the morning.
But I do have some fantastic pictures for you all vrees niet!!
Other than that we have just been working..when we can. It was a busy week and then we both got pretty sick so we couldnt get much done...we are still recovering, but hopefully we will be able to kill it this week.
The temple is amazing!! Make sure you take advantage of how close it is...Zus.. Jaramillo at home would have to spend 500$ just to go to the temple. We dont even realize how easy it is sometimes!
Ik hou van jullie!
Wees Veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester
 This is Elder Gross. haha this picture explains exactly who he is. He is the best.

Elder Bringhurst and Elder Smith stole my camera.

Zus. Jaramillo from Aruba

sorry terrible quality pic...but they tried to guess
Fletcher's name for like an hour. they had seen a pic
 of him on my scripture case that I made

Zus. Jaramillo is hilarious! 

The church building here in Groningen

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