Sunday, December 4, 2016



So here we are.
I have decided that I still have a few more things that I need to say.

Not many people talk about how it feels to come home. You here all the time about how hard it will be going on a mission and adjusting to a new culture. Very little, if ever, do you hear about what it will be like when going home. That you will also be adjusting to the culture and the lifestyle just as you did when going into the field.
You think it will just be rainbows and butterflies when being home and not having to knock doors or smile all day every day...etc..etc..

Well I am here to tell you all that it most definitely is not rainbows and butterflies.
Coming home is quite similar to leaving on a mission.

Now It is great being home. Being able to go on drives with your mom, hugging your family whenever you'd like and do the things that you never could do as a missionary.
Well those things are great. You can do the things that you were once passionate about. All of those things are great for that first week, until you realize that you are no longer passionate about those things. Until you realize that what you truly are passionate about is MISSIONARY WORK. Being a missionary, and serving others.

I know I keep going on about why it is so hard and it is mainly to help everyone who is coming home that it is okay to have these feelings. It is okay to feel depressed in a way and miss your mission.
BUT it is not okay to let that bring you down or stop you from being the person you have become, and staying strong in the gospel.
This is really when you are tested. This is when you are put to the test to see if you actually did learn how to be a disciple of Christ on your mission. What you learn on your mission determines how you will be when you are home.

But still I say you are allowed to take a break. My mission President told me (when responding to my concerns about going home) "Go home and be miserable...and miss here, and then you will get over it. Just as you did when you first came here."

So that is my advice for all of you return missionaries who are just secretly suffering.
But I also wanted to just give a few tips on what I did that have helped me in "adjusting"....but to be honest I am still working on it...we are all human.
1. Honestly I still automatically say thank you to my Heavenly Father for letting me serve in this area...haha it has become automatic for me to be a missionary...and it totally still counts. You are now called to your home, and there are people around you who need you!!!
2. Do not go to Las Vegas and walk on the strip....haha I learned that the hard way...give yourself time to adjust. BUT don't let yourself become numb again. Stay the innocent missionary you are, and only adjust to the good things.
3. Keep yourself on a schedule. Don't sleep in TOO late (because lets face it...we don't need to get up at 6:30 every morning now). Exercise. Help those around you, those you are living with, and serve them.
4. Read your scriptures daily....and not just a chapter a day. 30 min. a day really has helped me feel good about my day....(even if I did mainly sit on my butt)
5. Last...but MOST important is prayer. Don't you dare forget Who has helped you throughout your whole mission. Who helped you get out of bed and go out and work every day. Or Who gave you the success that you had or comforted you...etc...etc... Our Heavenly Father is still there to help us and guide us. He is just as willing to help us now, than He was when we were on our missions. Pray to Him and ask for his help. I know that He will help you.

You are always going to miss somewhere. When you are in the field you miss home, and when you are home, you miss being on a mission and the people there. So find your purpose of being home. Find out who needs you. Do not fall into past habits, instead make new ones.

Don't worry it gets better...and still is getting better every day.
I hope this helps and I plan to keep you all updated...on how I adjust. I hope that this helps.

Zuster Stewart-Chester (forever)

Pictures because it is boring without them....
Because it is great to see Flynnigan again.

Go to the Taco Bell in Vegas please....

Stay clear of studying at the temple on your second day home unless you want to be hit on by a random guy....I felt bad, but had to say no....(too soon buddy, too soon)

They are already putting me to work.

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My awesome companion is already the Assistant of our mission. (smirky face)

P.s. Avoid weddings as long as you can....haha 
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