Sunday, December 4, 2016



So here we are.
I have decided that I still have a few more things that I need to say.

Not many people talk about how it feels to come home. You here all the time about how hard it will be going on a mission and adjusting to a new culture. Very little, if ever, do you hear about what it will be like when going home. That you will also be adjusting to the culture and the lifestyle just as you did when going into the field.
You think it will just be rainbows and butterflies when being home and not having to knock doors or smile all day every day...etc..etc..

Well I am here to tell you all that it most definitely is not rainbows and butterflies.
Coming home is quite similar to leaving on a mission.

Now It is great being home. Being able to go on drives with your mom, hugging your family whenever you'd like and do the things that you never could do as a missionary.
Well those things are great. You can do the things that you were once passionate about. All of those things are great for that first week, until you realize that you are no longer passionate about those things. Until you realize that what you truly are passionate about is MISSIONARY WORK. Being a missionary, and serving others.

I know I keep going on about why it is so hard and it is mainly to help everyone who is coming home that it is okay to have these feelings. It is okay to feel depressed in a way and miss your mission.
BUT it is not okay to let that bring you down or stop you from being the person you have become, and staying strong in the gospel.
This is really when you are tested. This is when you are put to the test to see if you actually did learn how to be a disciple of Christ on your mission. What you learn on your mission determines how you will be when you are home.

But still I say you are allowed to take a break. My mission President told me (when responding to my concerns about going home) "Go home and be miserable...and miss here, and then you will get over it. Just as you did when you first came here."

So that is my advice for all of you return missionaries who are just secretly suffering.
But I also wanted to just give a few tips on what I did that have helped me in "adjusting"....but to be honest I am still working on it...we are all human.
1. Honestly I still automatically say thank you to my Heavenly Father for letting me serve in this area...haha it has become automatic for me to be a missionary...and it totally still counts. You are now called to your home, and there are people around you who need you!!!
2. Do not go to Las Vegas and walk on the strip....haha I learned that the hard way...give yourself time to adjust. BUT don't let yourself become numb again. Stay the innocent missionary you are, and only adjust to the good things.
3. Keep yourself on a schedule. Don't sleep in TOO late (because lets face it...we don't need to get up at 6:30 every morning now). Exercise. Help those around you, those you are living with, and serve them.
4. Read your scriptures daily....and not just a chapter a day. 30 min. a day really has helped me feel good about my day....(even if I did mainly sit on my butt)
5. Last...but MOST important is prayer. Don't you dare forget Who has helped you throughout your whole mission. Who helped you get out of bed and go out and work every day. Or Who gave you the success that you had or comforted you...etc...etc... Our Heavenly Father is still there to help us and guide us. He is just as willing to help us now, than He was when we were on our missions. Pray to Him and ask for his help. I know that He will help you.

You are always going to miss somewhere. When you are in the field you miss home, and when you are home, you miss being on a mission and the people there. So find your purpose of being home. Find out who needs you. Do not fall into past habits, instead make new ones.

Don't worry it gets better...and still is getting better every day.
I hope this helps and I plan to keep you all updated...on how I adjust. I hope that this helps.

Zuster Stewart-Chester (forever)

Pictures because it is boring without them....
Because it is great to see Flynnigan again.

Go to the Taco Bell in Vegas please....

Stay clear of studying at the temple on your second day home unless you want to be hit on by a random guy....I felt bad, but had to say no....(too soon buddy, too soon)

They are already putting me to work.

Hirsch, Lovin, Robbins, and Duncan

Reese, Hosea, and Harrop


In the Airport

My awesome companion is already the Assistant of our mission. (smirky face)

P.s. Avoid weddings as long as you can....haha 
Ik hou van jullie!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Goedemorgen allemaal!

well here we are....You never think you will reach this day, and then all of a sudden it just stabs you in the back coming out of no where.
I guess that got graphic quickly sorry..

This week, was probably the fastest of my whole mission....and yet it was the longest...because we were just running around alllllllll day every day! I AM SO TIRED!!

We got transfer calls this weekend, and wouldnt you know I am getting transfered. To Utah. I am a little bit nervous, but I know it will be good, and hopefully I can find some people there that need me. (because I WILL NEVER NOT BE A MISSIONARY!!)
I am excited to see you all. I will miss it here though, so I am going to need some serious adjusting when I get back. 
The Lord has really been comforting me these past few days though, and I havent really been able to cry. I have this gut bad feeling but yet, I dont feel is a strange thing. 
We went to the temple this week, and it was a good thing that I fasted because I just didnt even have any water to get rid I couldnt really cry. I guess I just have to fast in order to not cry all the time. Who knew? haha
But anyways the temple was great, and it was Conference so I was able to see a lot of my friends which was nice. I dropped some stuff off the day before for sis. De Souza as well so I got to see her and Sis. Dixon before I leave. (perks of being in Zoetermeer) and ton wanted to bike with us to the through the cold and the rain we did.

Oh ya...we went to Efteling this week!! It was soooooo much fun! It was like I wasnt even a missionary, because I have never done something like that before on my mission...but of course I still felt like a missionary. Efteling is a huge amusement park fairytale themed. It was super cool, and a lot of fun!

also My companion got transfer calls as well, and she is GRONINGEN! Poor girl, it made me flashback to my greenie days and being ripped out of my greenie city to go to Groningen. and in the winter too...I feel for her. But I also know that she is going to love it there. She is sad to leave here though. 
So yep....that means along with packing and writing letters...and visiting a bajillion people before go, I now have to write a whitewash packet for 2 wards....YAY. haha It is now my last pday will be spent mostly doing that. haha 

Well that is pretty much my week, I can tell you more details when i actually see you. But I guess it is time to get spiritual.

Honestly I am soooooo sad to be leaving this place. Yes it has been hard and Yes there are things that I will not miss, but those things that I will not miss have been the cause of SOOOOO many amazing memories made. you should know that before your mission people tell you it is going to be hard. and my response was: "well I can handle it! I want to go to a really hard mission, and learn a language and knock doors like good ole fashioned missionary work!!" then as soon as you get to the MTC you are jealous of all the missionaries going to the United States haha. and when you get into the land again you are envious, and when you get doors slammed in your face you get envious! (please dont take this as me saying that U.S missions are easy, because I know that there is no such thing as an easy mission....this is just my thought process in the beginning) But I can tell you that I would never trade this experience for any price! or any thing! Belgium and the Netherlands have become my home. 

If there is anything I have learned it has been gratitude. Gratitude even through the toughest of times.....
I am soooo grateful for the hard times, the humbling times, and the great times! I am grateful for these stubborn dutch and Belgian people. I am grateful for the rain and the snow and the ice.
...and the way that I can be grateful even through the toughest of times is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

I dont want to go toooo into depth of everything I have learned from my mission...(well lets face it, I cant because I dont have enough time and It would take me years to just explain. Also some things you have to learn through experience.) also I still have to save some material for my Homecoming talk;) haha

but I do want to share my testimony of this gospel!
Missions are the greatest things ever, and I thought I had a testimony before I came out on my mission, but the mission really tests that. I have learned though that this is the true church of Christ. He is at the head. I know that He lives, and loves us. He has comforted me and helped me everyday of my mission. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that it testifies of Christ. I have gained a stronger testimony of Him by reading it and know that you can too!
Dont ever give up. Dont ever walk away. He will never turn His back on you, no matter what you do. Dont give in to that being who is trying to make us miserable. Instead just let the Savior grab you in His arms. They are outstretched and waiting. He will always come after us. No one is worthless in God's eyes. God never makes anything that isnt beautiful and worth it! "You are special because (GOD) made you!!" Learn of your nobility. Learn of your divine nature. Dont be satisfied with ignorance! LEARN LEARN LEARN!
I love my Savior. and I add my testimony to all of the prophets and everyone!! haha that I know that He lives and that He atoned for our sins!

Wees Veilig!
Tot Donderdag!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Monday, November 7, 2016



This week we went to Amsterdam!! My first time ever. Would you believe that??  Well it was. and you might ask was it all that I had imagined? Well yes, actually it was. The city was beautiful and the canals and the crazy tourists...(we tried to take pictures in front of those silly Iamsterdam letters for a straight have to really be aggressive with those people) and we just walked around and really enjoyed ourselves. Besides all of the Weed stores and the Red lights...which we stayed clear of, of course. But it was a good time, and I got lots of cool things for the family:) You are lucky I love you soooooooooo much!

Wow how do I even explain this week...I swear it is just like all of the others....we went and met with people...and we were really busy. I have never felt so is something that I think my mission is preparing for, because it has been a while since I have knocked doors...of course that is not a bad thing...but I guess I have just gotten used to it, and it feels like I am doing something wrong. But maybe it is just in preparation of me going keep me from knocking doors in Utah...but hey I am sure I would be let in in Utah. 

We are meeting with some awesome people. Cant get ahold of some of our investigators and it is a busy time of year...but we have awesome new converts that we are working with. and activities and English conversation class, and service, and amazing members!! 

Miracle this week that was pretty cool...we did service at Wouters...of course...but we did it twice this week because the whole district (well most) came and helped one day. So we were kinda wondering if we should still go on Friday, but decided we would, and this lady came to shear the cows...and while she was doing that we talked to her about the Gospel and at the end she was there when the Elders shared their spiritual thought and I asked her if she wanted a Book of Mormon. She gladly took it! Pretty cool!
I am really loving cows right now haha...I was talking to sis. Vandenberghe about how poop is gross everywhere but the is just normal at the farm and you get it all over yourself and you just wipe it off and keep working haha. This week we milked all of the cows ourselves with the machines of course...and it was fun...even with the poop!

Also we sorta had a party for me this weekend...but it was weird. It was not my idea...and peter wanted to do it for me, but it turned out really well we made cookies with a couple members and then people came and we ate food and played it was a good time.

Also we had a lesson with a less active lady who is great. She is really struggling right now and has a lot of things that she is going through. My companion and I were soooo lead in that lesson it was incredible..(one of those times when I know I am really going to miss this) We shared with her two passages of scriptures...Doctrine and Covenants 122, and Helaman 5:12....and when the devil sends his storms and mighty winds, if you are built upon the rock of Christ your Redeemer YOU WILL NOT FALL!!! sorry I can only think of the words in that is probably not accurate...BUT IT IS TRUE!! I know that if we stand fast on the rock of Christ and do the things we should, that when the devil sends his winds or we have trials and terrible things come our way, that WE WILL NOT FALL!! I have seen it time and time again!!

I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU...But I love this work and will miss it soooo much!

Ik hou van jullie,
fijne week nog, en wees veilig!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

M is for missionaries....

T is for Tate