Monday, February 29, 2016


sorry this is how I feel so that is why it is my title.


I literally have no time today, because we switched to do half of our pday on Friday and then someone needed our help so we did some weeds today in our skirts, and got to the church and the computers still arent working, and in about 10 minutes we are supposed to meet up with Guido. MISSIONARY LIFE. haha
....oh ps. Guido is still awesome:)

It has been a GREAT I am sorry I have no time. We have seen some really great miracles...just one:
We had planned the night before to have 3 other given lessons, and we only had one actually planned, but a lot of free time afterwards.

On our way home from the first, I had the feeling to look up this lady that I had contacted with zuster Karlson forever ago, and she let us in and we taught her, and she is sooooo positive. 2 lessons!

Then later that day we were knocking doors, and this cool old guy talked to us, who basically is going straight to heaven;) and told us he believes in the story of Joseph Smith and has read the Book of Mormon but wants nothing to do with us. We talked to him for an hour though, and at the end I asked him if we could pray with him. He said yes...and that makes 3 lessons!!

Not that the number matters of course, but it might be the first time on my mission that I have ever achieved a goal, that we set, without any real plans. It was super cool, and it was because we really prayed to be able to achieve it!

Oh and this week I went to Catholic Mass....super pretty. It was a really great experience for me, but it made me grateful for our church. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!
Also we got let in knocking doors this week by a Jehovah's Getuiger...and it was weird...but she was nice, and we taught her about Joseph Smith...she wasnt interested though....and basically chastised us for celebrating Christmas and Birthday;s because they arent celebrated at all in the Bible...WIERD. But super cool experience...made me think a lot.

All of these experiences though, just made me sooooo extremely grateful for this gospel! I love being a missionary. It is SOOOO HARD!! BUT soooooo GOOD!!!

Anyways...I have more, but ahhhh no time. I am sorry. Maybe I will actually have time next week.

Oh I hit my half way mark this week what????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo weird! and transfer calls are this weekend.
I have no time to send pictures....but I will send some next week.
I love you all and miss you!!

veel liefs,
Zuster Stewart-Chester
Blog stalking...found these:)  love mum:)

Monday, February 22, 2016

No subject....


AHHHHH I have no time, and I kind of debated just not writing this week, because I have nothing really good to say, but I knew you would be sad mother.

This week, we had Zone Conference and so I got to see sister Harris again. It was great!! We wrote a song for conference because Sis. Bunnell asked us to give a presentation on how to keep the kitchen clean while cooking....and to use we decided to make it fun, and we wrote the lyrics to I see Fire by Ed Sheren. It was a hit.

We also had Ring Conferentie...Stake conference...and it was really good. It is cool in a completely different language...and one of the Stake leaders is from Belgium so I got to hear Vlaamse again!! IT was so nice!

We did a lot of service this week actually. We oiled the benches in our church building because it is almost done being renovated! Cleaned out zr. Onninks car for her because she had knee surgery, and helped Sandra clean out an apartment.

This week we had some bad news. Our only progressing investigator with a Baptismal date dropped us...well technically we dropped him, because he wasnt willing to change. It was Piet. He just couldnt stop smoking...and didnt want to. He was funny and said that the only reason he was sad that we werent going to meet anymore was because he wouldnt be able to hear me play the guitar or sing anymore....haha He is funny, it was sad.

A lot of our other investigators have just dropped off the face of the planet. We cant get ahold of any of them....(I am pretty sure one of them died because he was super sick...hope not) we are doing A LOT of finding. Which is important, but we arent seeing much success....But this week we are going to see some miracles.

I miss you all! I hope you are all safe and sound...I am sorry that my letters are just getting shorter and shorter, this week was just kind of weird.

wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Thursday, February 18, 2016

"I just like it because I want to cuddle a lion.."


I hope everyone is just doing great...but really, because this week, one of the members asked me how it was with my family and friends in America, and told me that God told her to ask me, and that I needed to make sure everyone was okay on Monday....

Kind of creepy and threw me off a little...but no bad news yet so I am hoping I am good.
I tell meet some pretty interesting people on a mission.

Anyways...this week

I did kind of hit a brick wall though when it got to Friday and my brain was just dead. I could not think or find my way around Groningen at all. I was exhausted...but its okay, because it all worked out.

This week we met up with Guido twice!! We just keep bringing him to members houses and eating food, and it is a great time. He is really searching, and he talked with Koen forever and said he was super impressed with him. He told us that he really just wants to know what we believe, and finds mind is blanking so mom can you look that up for me what the translation in english is ( It has to do with rules and who we are as people and what we do...maybe morals?)
really beautiful. He thinks it is so interesting that we dont drink alcohol or coffee or smoke. He struggles a little bit maybe wanting to change but he does think it is beautiful haha.

Our investigator Piet Geluk...(his music name is Pete Luck...translation in English) is still super positive...we taught him about the word of wisdom and he took it well...but this week we went over it again...and he is really struggling wanting to stop..."It is just toooo LEKKER!" (tasty) He wants to be baptized, but he just loves the pipe too much. So we are still going to work with him, and he said he would pray for the desire to stop. I kind of got it drilled into his head though, with an analogy that the spirit told me. He Always refers things to music or other things...and something he was saying just went so well with how God felt about him...and I told him and he couldnt respond..He will get it I know he will.

We had dinner with a member (Joyce) last night and it was like I was hanging out with you mom. She is the same age, and even looks and acts like you. It was soooo nice. You would be best friends I know it mom.

We went on exchanges to Leeuwarden this week and it was soooo nice. It helped gain my faith in knocking again..after last week...because we found 7 potentials in one day just knocking!!! CRAZY...maybe Groningen is just struggling haha because it was easy. Nah but it really was a good experience for me and much needed!!

I have no big stories to tell you...but I guess that is a good thing...because they usually involve me doing something stupid and losing something etc.

HAVE THE BEST WEEK EVER....even better than last week:)

Ik hou van jullie!!
achterrooping with sis. Kimmons

This is Joyce...and she looks different in person...haha she kept talking during the timer...kind of made me think of nannie!
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Zuster Stewart-Chester

Monday, February 8, 2016


Goedemiddag iedereen!!

How is everyone?? I hope you are all doing fantastic...I miss you all.

Quick shout our to Birthdays this week!!:
DALLIN, SAM, and NICK...all on the same day.
Also Clint on the 14th!  haha I hope you guys have the best day ever, and eat a lot of birthday cake for me. I hope everything is going well with you all.

Now...this week.
Honestly nothing too crazy this week happened.

I think I had the hardest day of my mission this week though...and I am only saying that to you all because I was able to overcome it and it turned out to be a great day (in the end;)) I learned sooo much and I was able to realize how much farther I can go than I think I can.

It was just this past Friday... and ALL of our plans fell through...but the thing with missionary work, is you cant just not do anything...if you arent busy you have to make yourself busy. Soooooo We knocked doors.
Just to make sure it wasnt an extremely long day, we decided to do a power hour before lunch so we could have a little break in between. Well within the first two doors, we talked to a lady for 10 minutes, and all she had to say was that what we were doing was absolutely pointless. She kept going on and on about how knocking doors doesnt do anything, and she was trying to come up with ideas even for us of other things to do..(all of which are like once a month ideas...and we have to do missionary work somehow).
She was still nice though...and we kept going. Literally every person slammed the door to us, and one guy asked us what in the heck we were doing here all the way from America..of course we told him, and he made the comment of. "nee, wij vinden het prettig binnen onze eigen kerk, en andere mensen vinden het ook zo, want we hoefen niet om andere mensen te dwingen om naar de kerk te komen."  .....basically: No we find it lovely in our own church, and other people think that as well, because we dont need to push people into coming to it.......

It was rough. I went home to lunch and prayed and cried and slept for an hour. haha
I really did not want to go back out...BUT I DID!!! and it was fine...obviously it still wasnt that great...but I definitely received help from God. He gave me the strength to keep going.

Then just when I think that day could never get better (because of how hard it was and I still had to keep working)...I find I am totally wrong.
We went to the Saores for dinner. (a lovely couple from Cape Verde...(Idont know how to spell and they just had a party at their house...It was ssooooooooo refreshing. So different than what I am used to...with the dutch people, but it was a taste of home. There was music, and laughing and eating yummy kachupa (also dont know how to spell it) which takes apparently five hours to make and it was delicious!! I brought my guitar and we just sang. There were some non members there too of course and we talked to this lady forever about the church. She was just eating it up. It was so nice!!
So that is where my title comes from: I played hallelujah and a bunch of drunk african guys (who spoke portuguese) sang a long at the chorus. Also one of them when we were leaving said.."wait you cant leave we were just going to dance..."and he proceeds to grab sis. Duncan and start dancing with her. She went bright red and I laughed soooo hard. It is just funny because you especially have to know her and how she is.
It was a wonderful night...and the Lord for sure gave me a tender mercy.
(I am sorry mom I couldnt get any pictures because my camera wasnt working with the new sd card...but of course I figured it out after we left...I was soooo sad...but hopefully we will just be able to do it again)

Soooo...If you ever feel like you cant get through the day like I did....IT IS NOT TRUE!!! GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY. God knows us, He loves us and wants us to communicate with Him...He will give us the strength to carry on. I know that! I experienced that!!

I love you all...I am sorry I have no time to send pictures this week. I will send some next week!

Fijne Week!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

last weeks pictures...guido......;)

Sunday, February 7, 2016



I literally have about 5 min....I am sorry.
The Romigs are now gone, and we dont have any senior couples yet, and we dont have a church with we had to do this quick at the library, and of course the computer floor is being remodeled so we had to wait for about an hour to get a computer, and ahhhhhhh.....

Anyways...not going to lie, it is sad not to have the Romigs here. I MISS YOU BOTH!!! This city is a completely different city now. The Romigs are gone and Sis Harris is gone. It felt like I was back in the MTC all over again, and I had had to say goodbye to family. I miss them, a lot. Sis. Harris is one of my best friends and It was hard to send her away. to your question mom, no she is not training...she is just the sister training leader. So she does exchanges with the sisters in her zone. Still super important!!

Sis. Duncan is great...She is from Springville Utah, and she is so BOLD!!! She really has no fear in talking with people. We are working well together, but sadly for some reason we are seeing a little bit less success, and we have had to knock quite a few doors recently. Still seeing tender mercies from the Lord though.

This week we hung out with GUIDO!! The guy we met on the train and he is soooo cool!! We went to the Romigs, and he made dinner, and we just talked and had a good time. It is crazy how everything fell into place and one day we didnt even know him and the next we were eating dinner with him and the Romigs...(and now they are gone:'() anyways it was good, and we taught him a little bit, and we are going to keep in touch.

Piet is one of our progressing investigators who has a baptismal date and he is still super positive...but he smokes a pipe...and we are teaching him the word of wisdom this week, so we are praying that his heart will be soft and open to change.

Other than that it has been pretty usual...sorry nothing too good this week, I will try to do better next week!!
I love and miss you all so much!!

Ik hou van jullie!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

p.s. my I am officially not the youngest sister in the mission now!!! This past wednesday we recieved two new sisters....pretty crazy that I am almost to my half way mark and I was still the youngest sister...but not any more.. :) Have an amazing week!!!

Chopping wood for service at the de Jonges.


Elder Fredrico