Monday, February 22, 2016

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AHHHHH I have no time, and I kind of debated just not writing this week, because I have nothing really good to say, but I knew you would be sad mother.

This week, we had Zone Conference and so I got to see sister Harris again. It was great!! We wrote a song for conference because Sis. Bunnell asked us to give a presentation on how to keep the kitchen clean while cooking....and to use we decided to make it fun, and we wrote the lyrics to I see Fire by Ed Sheren. It was a hit.

We also had Ring Conferentie...Stake conference...and it was really good. It is cool in a completely different language...and one of the Stake leaders is from Belgium so I got to hear Vlaamse again!! IT was so nice!

We did a lot of service this week actually. We oiled the benches in our church building because it is almost done being renovated! Cleaned out zr. Onninks car for her because she had knee surgery, and helped Sandra clean out an apartment.

This week we had some bad news. Our only progressing investigator with a Baptismal date dropped us...well technically we dropped him, because he wasnt willing to change. It was Piet. He just couldnt stop smoking...and didnt want to. He was funny and said that the only reason he was sad that we werent going to meet anymore was because he wouldnt be able to hear me play the guitar or sing anymore....haha He is funny, it was sad.

A lot of our other investigators have just dropped off the face of the planet. We cant get ahold of any of them....(I am pretty sure one of them died because he was super sick...hope not) we are doing A LOT of finding. Which is important, but we arent seeing much success....But this week we are going to see some miracles.

I miss you all! I hope you are all safe and sound...I am sorry that my letters are just getting shorter and shorter, this week was just kind of weird.

wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

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