Monday, February 29, 2016


sorry this is how I feel so that is why it is my title.


I literally have no time today, because we switched to do half of our pday on Friday and then someone needed our help so we did some weeds today in our skirts, and got to the church and the computers still arent working, and in about 10 minutes we are supposed to meet up with Guido. MISSIONARY LIFE. haha
....oh ps. Guido is still awesome:)

It has been a GREAT I am sorry I have no time. We have seen some really great miracles...just one:
We had planned the night before to have 3 other given lessons, and we only had one actually planned, but a lot of free time afterwards.

On our way home from the first, I had the feeling to look up this lady that I had contacted with zuster Karlson forever ago, and she let us in and we taught her, and she is sooooo positive. 2 lessons!

Then later that day we were knocking doors, and this cool old guy talked to us, who basically is going straight to heaven;) and told us he believes in the story of Joseph Smith and has read the Book of Mormon but wants nothing to do with us. We talked to him for an hour though, and at the end I asked him if we could pray with him. He said yes...and that makes 3 lessons!!

Not that the number matters of course, but it might be the first time on my mission that I have ever achieved a goal, that we set, without any real plans. It was super cool, and it was because we really prayed to be able to achieve it!

Oh and this week I went to Catholic Mass....super pretty. It was a really great experience for me, but it made me grateful for our church. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!
Also we got let in knocking doors this week by a Jehovah's Getuiger...and it was weird...but she was nice, and we taught her about Joseph Smith...she wasnt interested though....and basically chastised us for celebrating Christmas and Birthday;s because they arent celebrated at all in the Bible...WIERD. But super cool experience...made me think a lot.

All of these experiences though, just made me sooooo extremely grateful for this gospel! I love being a missionary. It is SOOOO HARD!! BUT soooooo GOOD!!!

Anyways...I have more, but ahhhh no time. I am sorry. Maybe I will actually have time next week.

Oh I hit my half way mark this week what????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo weird! and transfer calls are this weekend.
I have no time to send pictures....but I will send some next week.
I love you all and miss you!!

veel liefs,
Zuster Stewart-Chester
Blog stalking...found these:)  love mum:)

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