Monday, March 7, 2016


Wow what a week....I have sooooo much to tell you all. and way too many pictures...and not enough time...but a lot more time than last week.

I hope you are all just loving life, I miss you all, but love it here!!

sooooo transfer calls...and guess what!!! I AM GOING BACK TO BELGIUM!!!! ANTWERPEN HERE I COME!! I will be speaking vlaams again in NO time!!:) I really am super excited, and it will be good, I am ready for a fresh start. 6 months is a LONG time...but if anywhere I am glad I was able to be here in Groningen for that long. These members are fantastic...and I really will miss them.

Yesterday at church I felt so popular, because people were asking us to come eat with them before I leave....they only love me for LITTLE GOETHALS though;) just kidding...but really though, My guitar was heaven sent...Thank you GOETHALS!! the guitar, just brings miracles....just like my title for this letter. we go. Sooooo we were coming home late from Winschoten from a dinner appointment...but we still had time, and we recieved new referrals from the new facebook campaign here and they were on the way back. So...we stopped out half way in Hoogezand and contacted our referral...she still hadnt recieved her dvd...and didnt let us in, so we went on our way. I HAD TO USE THE BATHROOM SOOOO BAD!! I was becoming very desperate...and there are ZERO free public bathrooms here, and we still had a ways to go to get home. (Because really who is going to pay to go to the bathroom) so we found a neighborhood with houses, and we started knocking and I turned to sister Duncan and asked.."so do I start with a normal door approach, or do I just ask to use the WC?" she told me to follow the spirit, and my response was: "I have no idea what the spirit is telling me, I just have to use the toilet. This sweet lady answered and I just started apologizing and asked to use the....and she interuppted me by just letting us in, knowing exactly what I needed...(woman just understand eachother;)) so it was nice, and I was able to use her bathroom, and to say thank you we played her a song, and then she started talking to us about her life, and had recently been through a divorce, and started to cray, and it was so great. We were able to talk to her about Christ, and she gave us all her information and said she would come to church was a good night, and we laughed and at one point I accidently spilled water all over her floor, and her chiwawas were just Climbing all over us. One for the books. Turns out her name is also the owl...but you pronounce it differently of course...but still it made it even better.

what else...
Oh this week we switched out pday and I was stressing out...because I really need my break in between the long week ahead...but on the way to the church we ran into broeder Weening, and he was doing lawn work, and needed help so we helped in our skirts. So nice...he then proceeded to give us referrals of less active members or people that used to be taught there in the neighborhood. Well we visited them all on the freezing nights, in the pouring rain, and they were all super positive, and let us in!!! So that was a tender mercy, and also a miracle that we had had to switch our pdays, then helped broeder weening, and looked up those people. COOL!!

Another funny experience this week:
We were finishing up a long day, after trying to look up somebody who is never home, and having no success, and a random song popped into my head, that I hadnt thought of since before my mission. I swear it was a message through the spirit. Maybe you will know it:

Carry on my wayward son(/DAUGHTER) there'll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, dont you cry no more.

Pretty applicable I would say, and I was singing it while biking that 30 minutes home.

wat nog meer.....
oh ya our real pday!!
We went to see the provinces with our neighbor. Me and sis. Harris had met her at Christmas when bringing cookies to some neighbors to get to know them. She is soooo cool!
Ellen. She offered to show us around we spent the day, going to see old churches, a little castle...which was like literally walking into Downtown Abby, and we went to the Sea....I made it all the way to the top of the Netherlands...pretty cool. It is SOOOOO beautiful here.

Last of all Birthdays!!!


sorry that the rest will not be in caps...I still love you all as well!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Rachel! keep killing it out there in Dominican Republic, Grandma Jacqui, Nannie and I am sorry I forgot last week:) Aunt Heather. I hope you all have a wonderful day!! I am working on letters for you all...but I have no time, and lots to pack...haha I LOVE YOU ALL!!

I hope you all have a great week. WEES VEILIG!
Ik hou van jullie,
Zuster Stewart-Chester

exchanges from forever ago..

rain and glasses dont mix.
sister me talking to a guy on the bike...he contacted us because of our they cant be too bad right?

little church...lwith fresco paintings.

Climbing up the dijks.

the sea!!!! we made it to the top of the Netherlands

it was extremely windy.


menkemaborg...kliene kasteeltje

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