Saturday, March 19, 2016


 Piet Geluk

goedemorgen iedereen. I am officially emailing you from Belgium again. 

AND GUESS WHAT....I just was talking to Broeder Goethals! WHAT??? I also have already seen the Symmyncks and the rest of the Goethals already, so I am loving it here.

My last days in Groningen were bittersweet...I was ready to go, but I had really developed some great relationships with some of the members there. I was sad to say goodbye to Guido, Baukje, Harm, and the de Jonge's...and everyone...but Antwerpen just makes up for it, because this place is beautiful.

I swear that I dont even care if someone rejects us because as long as they are speaking Flemish to me, I just melt. I have missed Vlaams. Although yesterday I made the mistake of saying DOI in church (goodbye that only people in the Netherlands say) and they screamed NO at me and told me to stop haha. whoops...I guess I was there for too long.

My last few days in Groningen were good, we went to Harm and Baukje's with Guido and had an awesome jam session. So I have some great videos of that.

Wednesday was pretty crazy!! They just made a new rule that you can travel alone on transfer day, but only if you have to. Well we had to stay the night in Gouda and then head to Leiden for our training early the next morning. The problem is that they have this thing called Spitz hour...which is the busiest rush hours basically, so we cant take bikes during that time...So I had to leave my bike in Gouda, and go back with the sisters and then travel back by myself. It was the weirdest thing ever. I have not been alone in a very long time, so it was not normal, but it was cool, and everything worked out, and I talked to some cool guys and one who was visiting from Portugal. 
By the time we finally got back to our apartment in Antwerpen it was 9.
My companion:
Sis. Lindsey...she is super cool. She has only been out in the field for 6 weeks now, so I am technically finishing her training. She already has a great work ethic, so we are working hard, but I am having to talk a lot more....which is weird...but good....I am just used to having companions who are older than me in mission age, and who love to talk. So I have talked a lot!! But I feel really confident with my is more of just knowing what to say, and also with Flemish...I am still getting used to it again, so sometimes I dont know what they are saying. haha.
She is awesome though, and really has great dutch, and is willing to do it all and try everything which I was not even willing to answer the phone still my second transfer, so she is awesome! 
I am really looking forward to working hard here with her. 

Travel is very different from Groningen, because it is almost faster to take trams and busses than it is to take a bike, so we dont bike really at all. Which is weird because Groningen you dont do anything but bike. I am now trying to contact in a different way, and it is hard...sometimes I have no idea what to ask, and I have gotten some really weird looks these past few days it is great. haha So if you have any good contacting questions, that you used to use let me know....also they have to start out just trying to start a conversation, because we arent allowed to actually proselyte on public transportation unless they want it. 

Other than that I am not sure what else is going on...just working, and trying to find new investigators.

I love you all and miss you. I am working on letters, but still need to get caught up in my journal whoops. 
Ik hou van jullie!
Zuster Stewart-Chester
zr. Onninks pigs. truffeltje and fintje


Zuster Spangenberg...she had pigeons living in her house!

Sandra and Julio
broeder background 
Vera Veenstra

Miriam from Germany


zr. Duncan. our bulb went out and we had to buy one...but waited


9 MONTH MARK ON THE MISSION (HA HA   she's so funny:)

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