Wednesday, March 23, 2016

" gaining something...its called W-E-I-G-H-T.....better watch out" Inbox x


Goedemorgen iedereen!!
Ik hoop dat alles goed gaat.

This week was a good one. 
I was a little sick, with a sore throat...which was extremely annoying, but we were still able to get some work done, so that is good...and I am already feeling better!

I saw a lot of people from Gent and I was soooo happy. There was a stake relief society thing, so I was able to see the Verdegem's!! I was sooo happy.
and then on Monday Broeder Goethals told me that gem from my title....haha
It is a good thing I love him;) and I have started working out more in the mornings hahaha, and eating less is hard with all these yummy things around me, and I am back in Belgium with chocolate and waffles. BUT hey...if I am going to get fat anywhere it might as well be in Belgium right? 

Food we eat regularly from members:  (I asked Tate a bunch of questions about the food she eats on her mission:) ha ha....

 first time since winter that I have ever worn no coat outside!! WEIRD! also that was on St. Pattricks green:)

my messy desk and breakfast...I actually made eggs...which is big. and I am still working on settling in and organizing more.

POTATOES!! that is right...lots and lots of potatoes and meat, and greens.
A LOT OF MEAT! the Evans...actually this week I had chicken Korma at their house and I was in HEAVEN!!! just like yours mom!!
AFRICAN FOOD....spicy beans, plantines (fried bananas), and egg creation, and chicken!!
Sometimes, we eat suriname's food...which is mainly curries.
and yesterday Ann a member from Thailand made us this cool chinese thai soup with rice, cabbage, chicken, garlic, and cilantro and that was good.
It is basically like home...but sometimes we get some cool things...but it is delicious!!! The food is never bad here!!! I am really blessed!!! maybe that is why I am getting fat..haha

Food I make for myself because I am extremely lazy:
Pizza, quesadilla's, apple and peanut butter, sandwich with tomatoes....and sometimes we will make veggie stuff or pasta...when we have time...which we dont, because we only have an hour.
My must have though is sweet chili sauce...(it makes anything taste good if it is too plain) and my Calve pindekaas...Peanut butter...which I brought from the Netherlands to here, and am already almost out!! luckily sis. Lindsey has to go to the Netherlands this week, and she said she would get me some. We are going to stock up haha.

I thought I told you last week...but Sis. Lindsey is from Texas...San Antonio. She is great...and sooo willing to work hard...we are very similar in the way  that we dont necessarily want to talk to people...but we both do it! she is great, and she is getting the language more and more each day!!

Elder Reese, BOISE. zone leader. who's aunt used to live in our ward, and told me to look out for him and he played the piano for the singing elders...before I got here. He is super funny.
Elder Lott, BOUNTIFUL. zone leader. who has served in every district in he is extremely lucky, and supposed to serve his whole mission in Belgium I guess. He is a lot quieter than Elder Reese...which is not that hard...but he is funny too!!
Elder HILL!  ROY. Elder Hill is literally Fletcher! I swear I feel like I am hanging out with Fletch whenever I talk with him. It is the if you know Fletcher than you know elder Hill..haha sort of.
Elder Geeraert...I hope I spelled that right. He is from CANADA. and he is really quiet, but like the nicest guy ever. He actually is one of the only members in his family...if not the only one, and he is solid, and works hard.
They are all really great Elders, and just work hard.

Lets see...
we have one investigator, John, who is great. He is from Nigeria, and working towards baptism, but things are always. 
Other than that we are just working on finding new people! and contacting a lot...I think people are getting pretty annoyed or weirded out by my questions...but all well. haha

Everything is going well though. I hope you are all loving life!

Ik hou van jullie!!
Wees Veilig!! 
Prettige week nog!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

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