Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Message from Mission President and a wonderful sister in Tate's Ward in Antwerp.

Dear Parents of the wonderful Belgium/ Netherlands Missionaries,

By now, you have surely heard about the explosions in the Brussels airport and metro.  All of our missionaries are safe.  Those that are serving in and near Brussels are being confined to their apartments, and all Belgian missionaries are being instructed to stay away from all public transportation and other forms of public gatherings.  We appreciate your prayers on behalf all of our missionaries.  We will keep you advised as new developments occur. 

Thank you,
President Bunnell 

(After receiving reports of missionaries hurt at the airport I emailed and received this response.  Very grateful for the communication received in such crazy circumstances.  I am sure it seemed trivial or hard to do, but I felt extremely grateful with this response!!  As a mother who regularly looks at blogs and feels like she knows these missionaries whom she has never met, I felt devastated to think of any of them in pain or suffering.  My prayers will continually be for the missionaries and their safety and quick recovery.  It is a crazy world.  But I know HE will make all things right in the end.  I know there is a plan and I trust God.  ( love, Tate's MUM)

All of our missionaries are safe, the ones near Brussels are remaining inside.  We appreciate your concern, and what you are doing.  The missionaries in the report are from the Paris, France mission.  They are reported injured, and in the hospital from the last report we received.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Elder Mauntana SolomonDear Sister Stewart-chester’s mom,

I am one of member in Antwerp ward where now your daughter is serving.
Base on yesterday situation, i just want to tell you that your daughter is safe so you and family will not too worried and wait for her email update till next Monday.

This is massage from sister Stewart-Chester
We are perfectly safe and that we love you and feel safe. Not to worry.

Feel to email me or call below number if you want to me to update about your daughter.
Best regards,

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