Sunday, February 7, 2016



I literally have about 5 min....I am sorry.
The Romigs are now gone, and we dont have any senior couples yet, and we dont have a church with we had to do this quick at the library, and of course the computer floor is being remodeled so we had to wait for about an hour to get a computer, and ahhhhhhh.....

Anyways...not going to lie, it is sad not to have the Romigs here. I MISS YOU BOTH!!! This city is a completely different city now. The Romigs are gone and Sis Harris is gone. It felt like I was back in the MTC all over again, and I had had to say goodbye to family. I miss them, a lot. Sis. Harris is one of my best friends and It was hard to send her away. to your question mom, no she is not training...she is just the sister training leader. So she does exchanges with the sisters in her zone. Still super important!!

Sis. Duncan is great...She is from Springville Utah, and she is so BOLD!!! She really has no fear in talking with people. We are working well together, but sadly for some reason we are seeing a little bit less success, and we have had to knock quite a few doors recently. Still seeing tender mercies from the Lord though.

This week we hung out with GUIDO!! The guy we met on the train and he is soooo cool!! We went to the Romigs, and he made dinner, and we just talked and had a good time. It is crazy how everything fell into place and one day we didnt even know him and the next we were eating dinner with him and the Romigs...(and now they are gone:'() anyways it was good, and we taught him a little bit, and we are going to keep in touch.

Piet is one of our progressing investigators who has a baptismal date and he is still super positive...but he smokes a pipe...and we are teaching him the word of wisdom this week, so we are praying that his heart will be soft and open to change.

Other than that it has been pretty usual...sorry nothing too good this week, I will try to do better next week!!
I love and miss you all so much!!

Ik hou van jullie!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

p.s. my I am officially not the youngest sister in the mission now!!! This past wednesday we recieved two new sisters....pretty crazy that I am almost to my half way mark and I was still the youngest sister...but not any more.. :) Have an amazing week!!!

Chopping wood for service at the de Jonges.


Elder Fredrico

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