Monday, January 25, 2016

I have become a Blijfer...

Goedemiddag iedereen!!
This is the monument in Leeuwarden I didnt actually take this but I thought it was super cool
I hope everyone is doing well, and staying safe.

Everything is going really well here, and we are seeing some awesome small miracles every day.

My title: dutch blijfer basically just means a stayer...haha poorly translated but....We recieved transfer calls this week, and I am staying in Groningen. That means that I will be in Groningen for at least 6 months. That is a third of my mission...wierd!!! TIME FLIES!!!
I really cant complain though, because Groningen is a blessed place and we are really doing well here. We are pretty busy all the time...not to mention this place is beautiful!!

Poor sister Harris is leaving. I am super sad about it actually. We just click soooo well together. It was soooo easy to be her companion and we had so much fun. I really know we are going to be friends forever. She is headed to Doordrecht and going to be sister training leader so she is going to kill it!! She is moving on to her 6th city which is insane for sisters while I am still on my second haha.

Anyways I will be getting sister Duncan...who I am pretty sure is the closest in mission age to me so we are pretty young. Apparently she is a beast though...I am actually super scared that she is going to whip me into shape haha. Nah but me and sister Harris have already just been killing it here...but we still like to take our breaks sometimes, and I have heard she is Always going. President challenged me to make her exhausted and I told him I would do my best. I am hoping that she isnt used to biking as much, because we bike everywhere here in Groningen. Hopefully that will get her;) ha but I am super pumped. She just seems super chill and awesome, so I have a feeling we are going to get a long super well.

This week we had an awesome miracle and I really was just amazed with how it all just fell into place. GOD IS THE MASTER PLANNER!!! We went on exchanges to Apeldoorn this week, and they have made a new rule, that you both just go to the sister training leader's city to work. So we were headed over...and we were already running late...literally 10 seconds from our house I watch sis. Harris wipeout on the ice, and as I go to help her, I also wipeout we laughed...but then we took it slow and walked on icy parts. We then had to take sister Harris's bike into the shop because we were going to take atvantage of our full day away from using our bikes...which never happens. Then walked the rest of the way to the station...for some reason we just didnt feel rushed...which might have been a little bad...but dont worry it works out. I was just taking my time...looking at stickers on the lamp posts. Then we got to the station and we had missed our train....but we looked and there was one leaving right then so we sort of ran...but the train wouldnt open up the doors...(God wouldnt open up the doors) and we waited for the next train. We got on and unloaded all of our crap onto the seats next to us...

(Random thought........

Elder Ord Always said that we look like hobbits going on an adventure...So I have decided that me and sister Harris are Pippen and Merry....because we Always look like bundled up in a ton of scarfs and hats and with our bags and my huge guitar...haha

and done with the random thought.)

soooo people started to load on the train and it was becoming pretty packed so I moved my stuff so somebody could sit there and a guy sat down next to me. He began to read and then sleep and also listen to music, which are Always really hard things when trying to contact someone. Well sister Harris is a boss, and before we got off she goes..."wat was je aan het lezen?" haha and he didnt hear her so she had to repeat it to get his attention. Anyways long story short he starts talking to us and he said he was super curious and wanted to talk to us...he almost went to Apeldoorn with us but we ended up going to Starbucks and he bought us Hot cocoa ahahaha. It was super cool, he took a Book of Mormon and we are actually meeting up with him tonight.

Anyways it just really blew my everything played out because everything that happened that day happened for a reason. God must have pushed us gently off our bikes that morning...and made it so that we didnt feel rushed and everything. It was incredible. God knows us all individually and knew that I would have my stuff on the seat, and He knew that I liked looking at stickers haha. random and silly but hey.

GOD IS THE MASTER PLANNER!! On a mission we have to plan a lot...but something we Always do before is pray. Because HE is the master planner and knows exactly what we need to do. So if you need direction..then pray to the master...

I love you alll and miss you..but I love being a missionary..time is passing too dont realize until it is gone. Sis. Robbins is going home this week...wierd!!!!!

Ik hou van jullie!!
Wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

I shoved more whip cream on his face you can see me coming up in the first and getting then he got me. haha just a typical fhe night here.

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