Monday, January 11, 2016

I can ride my bike with no handlebars!!

we went to the klompen factory today!


Hopelijk alles is goed met jullie.

This week was one for the books.  

I had just an incredible night we were biking back home after something, I forget even what we were coming from, and we were just contacting on the way home. Sis. Harris is awesome, and just starting contacting people, and for some reason I was really struggling finding the courage to do it. I asked her how she does it. I said: "How do you do it, I literally have to force myself to do it every time." She told me that she had learned that she didn't ever want to have any regrets, and she said "Even if no one is nice or no one is interested and I get home that night, I can say that I put in the work and that I still tried."

It got me thinking of course...and we didn't see anyone for a little bit, and I was really hoping that I would be able to see someone so I could know I had tried my best that day. well we turned into a super dark almost farm area, and there was this lady walking. She kind of startled me because I was really searching for someone, and she came out of no where. I slammed on my breaks and started talking to her. 
We got all of her information and she said she wanted a Book of Mormon and that she was searching for another church. She said ya..."toevalig ja ik ben aan het zoeken, maar ja toeval bestaat niet!!!" what?!?! that is what we say to people!!!!
So in english she said....coincidentally I am searching, but ya, coincidence doesnt exist. Super cool. We will see how it goes.

Also the same night, we were biking home, and there is quite a few different ways to go to get to our house, because we live far away from everything...we came to a spot where we always pass by and go straight, and without even thinking about it, in my mind I said lets go this way..(meaning turning right) so I said to sis. Harris "lets go this way." we did, and I told myself if I see anyone I have to contact them, because we were actually 30 seconds from our house...well this girl was walking and I stopped her. I asked her if she was religious, and she said she wasn't really. I asked her if she believed in God and she said I dont I said. Would you like to know if God exists? she hesitated but then said. "Ja wel" meaning YES. I told her well we as missionaries help people to come to know that God exists and that he loves each of us, would you be interested in meeting with us, and we can help you discover that for yourself. Super cool, we got her info, and she said we could stop by....who knows she was a little hesitant in giving us her information...but it was super cool, to have been led by the spirit. It is such a thrill.

This week also there was a CODE RED!!! It snowed on onday...and then the next day the streets were covered in ice. School was cancelled for everyone...the busses weren't running and neither were some of the trains. Kids were literally ice skating on the streets...I have some fantastic videos...sorry you will have to wait. 

But because it was sooo dangerous and we had district meeting so the Leeuwarden sisters were here in Groningen President told us to go straight home and stay we had a SLEEPOVER, and it was a blast!! 
The next day we went back to work, and tried to bike, but sis. Harris slipped and hurt herself real bad so we took the bus for the rest of the time. 
Crazy miracle though...the time she slipped we were on our way to our appointment and we got him on baptismal date!! Super awesome...tender mercy from the Lord. Dont worry she is fine...just a bruised knee.

It was a good week...except for the fact that we had two people message us this weekend and tell us they do not want to meet with us anymore, and one of those was preparing for that was a little rough...but other than that it was a nice week.

Yesterday 2 of our investigators came to church...and 25 students from a christian club came to see what it was about. We gave away 25 copies of the Book of Mormon.

The title...I am a pro bicycler now obviously;) haha but really biking a lot every day, makes you pretty good, and I can go up and down bumps and turns without holding the handle bars...pretty cool eh? haha 
sorry for the crazy long was a good week!!

Ik hou van jullie!!
Fijne week nog!
Straight ice streets.....

Yummy hot cocoa for our sleepover and lots of candy whoops.
we made yummy food with the ranch grandma sent me...THANK YOU!! also I straightened my hair..and it was weird!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester 

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