Monday, January 4, 2016

"It feels like we are biking through a war zone!!"

oh yaaaaa I forgot to snowed this morning...right after Januari 1st it has been super cold, and it has been snowing all day!! crazy!


Goedemiddag allemaal!

Hoe is het met jullie?!
This week was a good one. Hope you guys all had an awesome New Year's Eve party...we sure did. Here in the Netherlands they are SUPER big on fuurwerken (fire works)!  It is extremely dangerous how much they light off and they'd literally start from 2 in the afternoon on the 31st and end like at 7 in the morning the next day. It is off and on of course...but it is insane. So as a rule all of the missionaries have to be in their apartment at 4. We were kinda sad because we wouldn't be able to see the fireworks in our little neighborhood...but boy were we our little doorpje in lewenborg...apparently it has the most fireworks in Groningen. There was someone setting them off right next to our house and fireworks going off in every neighborhood...and huge ones at that.
Also that morning we realized the necessity of being inside our house, when we biked passed little kids messing around with fireworks while wearing our helmets. They yelled something at us and threw a firework at was one that had already been set off...but wow my life flashed before my eyes..(I don't know where she gets her dramatics from:).it was seriously like those stories you hear about in general conference and missionaries being persecuted. So crazy...but we are safe haha and we were inside all that night so don't stress mom.

My bike is the yellow one...

It was a fun night though...and we were able to eat treats, set goals, and laugh a lot.

This week we decided to knock a neighborhood that we had been feeling good about for a while, but never really had time. We planned in just an hour..(power hour before lunch) and we literally only knocked 10 doors if that much. We gave away two book of Mormons and got another of the ladies said she didn't even want a book at first but after talking with her some more we got her to take one and she said we could come by again. Super cool...we were definitely led by the spirit. 
Something cool that the ward does here, is they hand out copies of het boek van Mormon for them to give away each week challenging someone to give one away. Soooo cool. I know it is hard in Utah, because there are so many members...but make sure you take the time to look around and notice if there is someone you can give one too, because really why would it hurt to just give them a book. What they don't know is the book can change their lives...

Ik hou van jullie...I really can't think of what else to say.... The quote is from biking through the sounds of fireworks going off like crazy. Also the next day it was dead and there was just firework trash everywhere soooo crazy. I will send you pics.
I love you all!

Blijf maar veilig, but have fun:)
Gelukkig niewjaar!!
Geel liefs,
Zuster Stewart-Chester

I have never made so many yummy things
 until being with sis. Harris...haha yum.

The APs came to Groningen and we worked with
 them and went to lunch, they had just bought klompen and wanted to show us.
It is beautiful here:)  

beautiful Groningen.

Happy New Year:) 

The shining sun in Gronigen

fireworks trash...i have videos
of the you will have to wait, sorry!!
outside the Romigs...the canal is freezing over.
Hot cocoa cuz it is COLD.

Elder Bonner and sis. Harris.
sorry I dont have any pics of fireworks...we are going to have to have a party at the end of myu mission and go through all the videos I have..they are sooo great!!

Sis. Harris on New Years eve... she is the best. haha

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