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We went out to a windmill with Veerle,
a super cute young woman member here.

Hello, I don't really have too much to say because I pretty much told you all everything already, so if I recap on stuff I have already said I am sorry.

First it was soooooo great seeing you all and being able to talk to you. I could have talked to you all all night. It was the greatest gift I could have ever received this Christmas.
Second my week.
My week was great. I really felt soooo spoiled. Thank you to grandma jacqui, grandma Marie, aunt Jenny, and mom for the packages. I loved everything!!!
Also the wijk/ward here in Groningen spoilled us yesterday and we got so many yummy things, it is not good. Haha

We had a wonderful Christmas program yesterday at church and one of our investigators came. It was really cool, and we had socializing afterwards with cookies and warme chocolade.(hot cocoa)
Lots of people came and a lot of the less actives we are working with. 

On Christmas we still went out working, and this week actually we had a baking day and baked cinnamon rolls, banana bread, and cookies. We then took them to the neighbors, because we really don't know our neighbors and tried to get to know a couple of them. It worked pretty well, but we are still working on it. 
But it was great being able to still work and bring a Christmas message if they would let us. 
We actually contacted one lady on the street and she took a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet and a card...she isn't from Groningen though, but she told us after whereas it and if she is interested she will call us for us to help her get in contact with the missionaries where she lives. Pretty awesome!! Just shows that even on Christmas you can find awesome people...even if you are on a bike, and wearing a helmet. She had said that she used to be a Jehovah's Witness but let, and had always wonders why they were the only ones who did missionary work and didnt believe it...and then she met us. She thought it was super cool.

Us with Marleen...we made music videos that you will have to see when I get home.

Random side note:
I always smell like smoke because we go teach people who just smoke and smoke. They don't even smoke around us the house just smells of it, so it just absorbs into our clothes and our hair. I might have to send my coat home one of these days and show you have bad...haha just kidding. But really it is that bad. But it just shows we are doing work, and we are working with some incredible people.

We still bike everywhere. Sometimes we bike more than 10 miles a day, and you would think that I would be really skinny, and my legs tone...haha, and also we are too spoiled with delicious pastries and treats here.

Other than that we just went out and worked hard still, we really were blessed with not having to knock doors this week, because we had appointments. 

This christmas was great though, I loved being able to serve in any way we could find, and visiting people who just needed some cheer on Christmas. I know that Jesus Christ was born, and that He suffered for us. He did it all alone, so that we don't have to do it all alone. He knows every feeling every anguish every stress every pain we go through, if we just turn to Him He will guide us along. Matthew 11:28-30... TAKE His yoke upon you. You have to first ask for it and take it upon you for yourself. I love these verses...because in the case of a real ox can carry a heavy weight, but with the yoke, and the second ox you can carry 20x the weight. Jesus is like that second ox, and we must ask for His help (his yoke). He is ready and willing, all we need to do is ASK!!

Ik hou van jullie en miss jullie heel veel.
Wees veilig! 
Veel liefs,
Zuster Stewart-Chester

The Romigs gave our district happy socks for Christmas:)
P.s. I don't have everyone's if you want Zuster Harris and my hilarious, fantastic, Christmas card send me your address:)

baking for our neighbors.... 
Christmas Morning:)  

pajamas from Grandma...thank you!

Neues maritimes Event in Groningen: ZomerWelvaart
Am Wochenende, den 25. und 26. Juli 2015, heißt es „Leinen los“ in Groningen: Die Hoge en Kleine der A in der Innenstadt bilden die Kulisse für die ZomerWelvaart, die sommerliche Variante der WinterWelVart. Auf acht historischen Schiffen können Besucher u. a. eine Gemäldeausstellung über die Entstehung des städtischen Kanals Het Stadskanaal, die Theatervorstellung Heisa und ein Geschichtencafé besuchen. Weitere Aktivitäten auf dem Kai und in der näheren Umgebung wie der Handarbeitsmarkt „Diezijn leuk!“ und ein Kinderworkshop des Musiktheaters VRIJDAG sorgen für eine ausgelassene Stimmung. Mit Fablab können ganze Flotten gebaut und 3D-Boote ausgedruckt werden.

Translation:  New maritime event in Groningen: ZomerWelvaart 
At the weekend, the 25 and 26 July 2015 it says "cast off" in Groningen: The Hoge en Kleine of A in downtown are the backdrop for the ZomerWelvaart, the summer version of the WinterWelVart. In eight historic ships visitors can, among other things, a painting exhibition on the origins of the urban channel Het Stadskanaal, attend the theater performance and a history Heisa Café. Other activities on the quay and in the surrounding area such as the handmade market "Diezijn leuk!" And a children's workshop of musical theater Friday to ensure a lively atmosphere. With FabLab entire fleets built and 3D Boats can be printed. 

Then this is Christmas morning again. 
I made crepes and we sort of treated 
ourselves to our baked goods we made.

I KNOW i know but when in Rome!!
Christmas morning opening presents... 

This is a park here in Groningen that is beautiful!

More Pictures from our music videos with Marleen.

We went to the Gouts for second
 Christmas for dinner, and played ping pong, and raced cars.

At church with Marjan
Singing for our ward Christmas program...

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