Friday, December 25, 2015

"But what am I going to wear?..."



Something great about the Netherlands is the celebrate Christmas 3 times. One for SinterKlaas, and the other two on the 25th and 26th. Three Christmas's, Cool huh??? It makes missionary work a little bit difficult, but I mean who wouldn't want to celebrate Christmas 3 times? Toch?? You can't really blame them...
But then the sad part is, that a lot of them celebrate Christmas and don't even believe in God or Christ, and instead they call them days. Soooooo I guess it might be better to only have one if you actually celebrate the true meaning.

This week was good, a lot of our appointments fell through, but somehow we still ended up staying busy only  knocking doors.

We went all the way out to Winschoten (right next to the border of Germany) this week to meet with our investigator...and her phone wasn't working and she wasn't home.   But that morning I had remembered that there is a member who lives out near by. So I had called her that morning to see if we could go by. She is such an angel (Zus. Onnink) and she had just had knee surgery and her husband is in a retirement house so she lives in this giant house (big for Nederland) all alone. We brought my guitar and we just sang hymns with her for an hour and talked with her.
She is so cool and lived in England for a really long time and worked at this beauty college as the principal. So she is like this classy woman always dressed up with fancy scarfs  and her hair all elegant and makeup all done, even though she has to sit around because of her knee. She is great, and she even let us feed her pigs:)

We were also just really lucky with going to places and them  being home and being able to talk with them for a little bit.

Also they had a cool Christmas Market this weekend and they put lights on all of the boats in the canals and it was beautiful. My camera died, so zuster Harris took pictures for me and I will make sure she sends them. 
They called it the Wintervart. There was lots of booths set up selling things so we stopped people and handed out cards and played the guitar a little bit and sang....but then someone came up and told us that wasn't allowed..(to hand out cards or flyers..) hah whoops so we didn't stay for too long. It was cool though. 

Mom stole this picture from Elder Reese's blog:)  Elder Childs and Zuster Harris:)  
I am super excited for Christmas this week!!
Also to talk with everyone at home:)
But it is crazy because recently we have been asking people why they celebrate Christmas and how...a lot of them just do it for the party. It is so sad. Christmas even has Christ's name in it. Come on people!
Please take the time to actually pay attention to what Christmas is actually about. Maybe listen to Mariah Carrey's song...haha. It isn't about the presents, it is about Christ!! His Birth! 
I love you all and miss you sooo much. Have a great Christmas, and Celebration of Christ's Birth.

Also I am terrible and forgot Birthdays!!
Happy Birthday to my Sis. In law!!!! I love you and hope you had an awesome day...sorry I am the worst and didn't send you anything!!
Also shout out to Sydney!! Happy Birthday cutie!! I don't even know how old you are because you look so old, you look like my age...make sure to stay away from those boys;) they are always trouble! haha

Ik hou van jullie, en miss jullie heel veel!
Blijf Veilig! 
Prettige Kerstdagen!
Veel Liefs,
Zuster Stewart-Chester

p.s. I am sending Christmas cards:) they are supposed to be dumb and funny so please laugh. haha

p.p.s whoever knows the quote in my title gets a big hug when I get home...Dallin you don't count because I know you know it;)\
Elder Childs and Elder Lovin...headed home for Christmas:)

Elder WIlson Sis. Harris, and Elder Lovin
Elder Wilson and Elder buddies who have warby parker glasses as well.

Elder Childs...he is now sad, he is hilarious..oi oi. 
Marleen Shea and Jenny: more Jovo's...Shea is from Arizona and going to school here...

Koen and our investigator Micky that I stopped and talked to while biking and now we are teaching him and he is a 3rd way through the Book of Mormon! 
Christmas is centrum

District picture

Sandra and Zuster Harris... 
my crazy desk, and hot cocoa and working on area book
Oviedo is awesome...his great Christmas sweater. 
JOVO:)  Koen and Marjan...cutest couple ever 
Oviedo and Marleen 

Harm..the guy who is Cameron...but older....haha

Elder Lovin and Elder Frederico

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