Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Do the Streaky leg..."

Hallo Iedereen!!

Sorry for the late letter, but yesterday was crazy and we didnt have time to finish our emailing...

This week was great. I laughed A LOT...but I guess that is kind of normal.

It is funny because I was just telling Sis. Harris that I really miss just hanging out with my fam and my buddies. Well I was able to do that sort of this week. Of course not like it was before...this time it was while doing service...but still.

We had Zone Conference this week in Rotterdam. I was able to see Elder Frederico, Elder Sosa, Elder Wright, Elder Richards, Elder Wootan, Elder Lovin and Elder Jardine so it was awesome. It is always so funny though seeing all of my buddies again because you always just want to give em a big hug cuz they are like family...awkward. haha Naaaahhhh, but it was still cool to see them, and Elder Lovin leaves to go home tomorrow so it was cool to see him before he left. 

Then we had a Zone service day this week, and we all organized food at a foodbank. It was a lot of fun, because it was easy service and we were able to kinda just talk to eachother while we did it. It is so fun coming on a mission and to be able to get to know cool people that you never would have met otherwise.

We also had a Christmas Concert that we went to in Apeldoorn this week. It was good, with some good songs in it..but we couldnt find a ride at all so we ended up not getting home till 1 in the morning. The Elders te Emmen also did the same thing, so we were struggling going from one Train to the other. Then when we sat on our train to Groningen, and they were supposed to be on theirs to Emmen, I look up after the train starts leaving and Eld. Abanki and Eld. Dearden sit down right next to us breathing hard. They missed the last train to Emmen. I laughed soooo hard. It was a little too late, so I was laughing more than normal. Poor guys had to go to Assen and then leave to Emmen in the morning. But it was good fun because Eld. Abanki and Eld. Dearden are hilarious.

This week at the Richardsons Seyanna..(one of the cute little girls who always tries on our things) showed us her dance. It was hilarious. She basically did the Whip the Nay Nay and the Stinky leg...but she doesnt speak English well, so she was making up the names for them it was hilarious. I got it on video and it is the cutest thing ever. I cant wait to show you all the videos I have when I get back..they are sooooo funny. So that is where my title comes from.
Also I really want everyone to look up Elder and Sister Romig on facebook, because they showed us this awesome video they posted of Groningen from have to watch is soooo cool. While I was watching it...I was thinking: "look mom I bike these streets every day all day." It is such a beautiful place. 

Oh ya!! We also got transfer calls. I am staying here in Groningen with Sis. Harris, and I am pumped!!! We will get to celebrate Christmas, New Years, and my birthday together...and also just kill it for another transfer here in Groningen!!!

We had two amazing lessons this week though that I have to tell you about!
One was with our investigator from Africa with a baptismal date. She is sooo cool, and we had Broeder Hooienga and his son come with us on joint teach this week. They struggled a little bit speaking English but it was a perfect lesson and she is progressing soooo much! At the end of the lesson, Broeder Hooienga asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing. This sweet old man said he felt strongly that he needed to ask, and he gave her the most beautiful blessing, and in English as well. It was great!!! She really said that she felt peaceful about everything!!

This week we had set up an appointment with a less active that we had never met. The morning before, we planned a lesson for her, and were planning on sharing a scripture of standing fast in Christ, by taking the Sacrament and the importance of it.
Before we left I had a thought pop into my head: Maybe she would like it if I brough my guitar?...and then I was thinking....naaah then I have to bike with it in the crazy wind and it will be a pain, and we have already planned a lesson and I didnt want to screw it up for sis. Harris. But I just I am going to bring it stop complaining. So I brought it....and wow it would have been weird if I had not. This sweet lady has the most beautiful handicap daughter and she really just cant come to church because she has to watch her. She sat there baring her testimony to us about the importance of going to church for the end I just said Is it okay if we sing a song for you and your daughter? and dropped all of the lesson plans. We sat there in this room with her daughter and sang a song about Christ. She just swayed and smiled the whole time it was fantastic. It never would have happened too if I hadnt have followed the spirit. 

SOOOOO....FOLLOW THE SPIRIT!!:) I am so grateful I did.
I love you alll sooooooo much.
wees veilig!!
Ik hou van jullie
Zuster Stewart-Chester
blog stalking.....thank you zuster bush:)

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