Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey Micky :)

The sunset the other day....
Bro-day...(sis. support day) Elder. Childs wanted to carry my guitar so he looked cool. and Elder Reese.

wellllllll.....This week was pretty great...we saw some really awesome success from not just trying to work our butts off, but actually making it quality work. We found quite a few awesome potentials, and this week we have a ton of appointments that we cant even find time for them all. It is incredible what comes from just working hard and doing our best.
The Richardsons are my favorite!! This week the mom told me that she would pray for God to let me stay here at least one more transfer. I almost died it was the sweetest thing ever.

Other than that this week was pretty much like every other. Besides the fact that it was SinterKlaus here in the Netherlands. They have another guy named SinterKlaus who is a saint...and he makes his zwaarte Piet's go down the chimneys to deliver candy in stockings for the kids. They are Zwaart: Black, because of the soot that they get covered in from the chimneys...but it is a really big controversy here because everyone complains that it is discrimination. Anyways...I had Jonathan take a picture of us with some Zwaarte Piet's but he took a video and so I wont be able to send it I dont think...but I will try. 

They got a hold of my camera!

We had a super awesome lesson with this woman from Poland...and she speaks really good dutch...she was a former from a long time ago, and said that she didnt like that our church had so many rules. So I went into the lesson just not really expecting anything, but she told us that she wants to work towards Baptism. So I am super excited to be working with her.

Our door is fixed now, so thats good news..also our washing machine.

This week we also stopped by a former, who had been super positive, but we had lost contact with her, because she is never home and wont answer calls. But we finally caught her at a good time, and were able to schedule another appointment with her! She is this super cool girl from Germany!

So we stop and contact people while riding bikes as well, and it is soooo hard, because we look so funny in helmets and usually people are kind of annoyed. But this week we found some awesome people who are actually super interested by stopping and talking to them. It is cool because we would have probably just biked right by them and who knows if we would have ever found them...and sometimes they are the people that you would least expect to have interest...(mainly dutch people) because dutch people are soooo funny. I have found that if I see someone who doesnt look dutch it is easier for me to stop and talk to them, but it is always the people you least expect.
So my challenge this week, is to talk to those people who you would least expect to have interest, about the church. I know it is kind of hard in Utah..but who knows. The lord will help you find someone if you go out looking, and if you pray for those experiences.

Also almost forgot...My title.
Well one of our investigators is this guy named Micky who is super hilarious. He seriously can just talk for hours and hours. We once stood at the corner of a street to teach him for an hour and it was the coldest day ever...and he just kept talking and talking. He is super cool, and I actually met him when biking...I stopped and asked him for directions last transfer with sis. Karlson, and now we are teaching him. This week he came to church, and he hit it off with Harm. He just wanted to talk to Harm forever. It was fantastic. So it is the song about Micky because...micky is great and he is progressing!!

I love and miss you all. 
We met up after exchanges this week and we were by the piano and this old lady was watching us tak a we told her to get in.
Blijf Veilig.
Ik hou van jullie.
Fijne week verder.
Zuster Stewart-Chester

​got some close ups of sister Harris because she loves to get close back.

​I was putting up some pictures.

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