Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What. A. Week.

Thanksgiving. Jonathan is under Elder Childs with the superman shirt
Weird that I have been writing a lot at night lately...
Anyways this was a crazy week...

I hit my 6 month mark this week. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Pretty insane. Time passes so quickly and yet every day is soooooo long haha, and we do so much more than I ever did in a week at home just in one day.
Well on a good day when we have appointments haha.

This week we met up with Harm, who is a member here in Groningen  and he has a band. He is super cool and kinda reminds me of Cameron Lantz....except when Cameron had a huge beard and sang hilarious songs. (Jk Cameron)
We met at his house to practice some songs to go sing at the station... But before we left:
First you should know that our door to our house has really been struggling, and it is soooo hard to get it to close...
Sister Harris was trying to lock it but it wasn't all the way closed so it wouldn't so what do you think I said to her?
I said: "just slam it" ðŸ˜ (This is the emoji that I want to use always but I never can but because I am using the Romig's iPad to email right now I can use it😏
So what do you think she did...yep she slammed it. Reeeeeeaaaaalllll hard. And I just watched the glass shatter. I checked to see if it hit her and it didn't so I started laughing. Poor sister Harris felt so bad and I was just laughing. We didn't know what to do and we had to go...so we just left it for two hours till we came back. Haha I know it's terrible...we are missionaries, we have places to be.

We went to the station and the singing was really good...it was fun, but we didn't have very many people who were interested in even listening ...sad that people sometimes won't even stop to take the time.

Funny thing is also...our washing machine has been broken for a LONG time now, and we have been using the Romig's. Well they just ordered us a brand new one...and the day we smashed our door they delivered us our washing machine. 
The guy brought it in our house set it there and said: "oké fijne avond" I said "het zelfde" and off he went,  meanwhile me and sister Harris are freaking out about how in the heck we were going to install the new washer.
I called the office ( I won't tell you the name to keep his identity safe) but he tells me: "you are not a 3rd grade girl you can do it yourself!" Hahahaha it was a joke but I will probably just give him crap for it for a while now. Soooo I tried to do it and it didn't work out. 
BUT...we have some incredible missionaries in this missionaries... and the AP's: Elder Bonner and Elder Hirsch drove all the way from Amsterdam on their p-day to help us install it and try to fix everything in our apartment. They are THE greatest. They are the nicest guys ever and would drop anything for their friends...Elder Bonner is a Marine and Elder Hirsch just played football so they are buff guys...and handy as well it was great. Now here is the funny part though: The washer we had was never broken...it is just the pipes that are broken....so now we have two working washing machines and it is still leaking all over the floor.

Also back to the door...after like 5 hours we got a hold of someone who could come and put a temporary glass over it until they fix the actual glass. It was an interesting day. But it is all somewhat figured out now so that is good. 
Other than that missionary work this week was great. Our investigator with a doopdatum came to church this week!! It was great. Her name is Nasu and she is from Africa. Also she is extremely scared of water, so this a huge step for her to want to be baptized! She is doing soooo well though, and everyone at church was soooo good about trying to get to know her.

Also we had a wonderful lesson with our other investigator Jonathan this week. He is actually the guy from Scotland who told me to sing professionally. We have actually been teaching him for a while now and he has a little trouble with smoking but this week we comitted him to living the word of wisdom. He accepted and this week we are going to have a ceremony and throw all of his stuff in a canal.😏 Hopefully no one catches us...because I am pretty sure that that is illegal...SHHHHHHH.;)

This week was my first real let down though as well. We had a lesson planned with our investigator and had a member meet us there and he biked all the way. She had forgotten and it didnt go through. I could tell he was a little upset and we had been a little late  (like 5 minutes) but I felt sooooo bad. I really just wanted to scream...Dont you think it is hard for us as well?? This is our lives every day. 
But then I humbled myself and realized that I could have done better about reminding her for the appointment and making sure we were at least on time to meet him. 
The next day in church I gave him a card and he was a lot more accepting and said he realized it wasnt my fault...so it all works out in the end. 
We almost just went home because I was dont with that day, but Sis. Harris kind of said...there has to be a reason why it didnt go through...so we went biking and stopped and contacted these people from Greece. They were twins and I am being serious they were Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum...they were hilarious and we talked to them for quite a little bit...they didnt really have any interest, but who knows. They thought we were super nice and said they could see it in our eyes so that is cool.

We are doing really well actually here in Groningen. We are working with some awesome investigators and for the first time ever I dont think we even had to knock doors this week because we were sooo busy...well and with all the craziness that happened. But it went well. We got 3 new investigators this week...so we are just continuing to work hard to keep everyone interested. 

This work is incredible. I love it here, and I love my companion!!! 
We just are working really well together...
I love this Gospel!!! WOW do I love it and the chance I have to be able to teach people about it...sometimes I do not feel worthy...well a lot of the times. 
Lots of people keep just saying: It just makes sense even with the history.
It really does. This gospel makes sense and there is a reason for that. It is because it is true!!!!

I love you all and miss you soooo much!
Wees Veilig. and make sure to take the time to do what really matters...
Like being with family, Supporting each other, loving each other, and helping each other. Look around you!! The people who need you the most are those right next to you in your families...not just people across the world or down the street. Build a relationship with those you love...SHOW that you love them. I wish I had SHOWN more, because the love was always there...I just struggled to SHOW it.

Fijne week allemaal!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

​Sis. Voss, Elder Childs, Elder Reese, Elder Abanki

I made taco stew this week...It was yummy. Sis. Harris enjoyed it
Halloween costumes with Zuster Karlson

Famous expression;)

Brother Romig, Zuster Karlson, me and JONATHON


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