Tuesday, November 24, 2015



Sorry it is a late email again this week, but today was Thanksgiving...sort of. haha.

We spent today in Zwolle playing Football and Soccer for the TURKEY BOWL:) It was great and I was QB for the last play and we scored a touch down and won. WOO WOOO!! haha It was great. The missionaries in this mission are great.
Then we came to the Romigs an ate a Thanksgiving Dinner and it was delicious..a little bit like home, but not as yummy of course cuz it wasnt the same. Still good though. So it has been a very AMERICAN day. haha it was great. 
Shout out to Elder Reese who caught my throw to score a touchdown and also Elder Childs for snapping it to me...(They forced me to say that)
Also Shout out to Sis. Harris, because she then tackled me to the ground in the mud....she is such a sore loser;) haha jk Sis. Harris.
(they are all watching me write this)
They were looking at the mud all over my arms...
Sis. Jensen, Sis. Bush, Elder Williams, Eld Soloman

Quick little 101 of Groningen for my mama..:
It is a college town!! So there are a lot of people from all over here..not as many as Gent but still quite a bit.  It is beautiful here and I was here during fall with all the beautiful different colored leaves. It is getting cold though and this week we biked through two Hale storms...but dont worry they were small. It snowed for like a second on Sunday and it was beautiful. We were listening to Christmas Music and Sister Harris was freaking out. She is so hilarious... and I am really enjoying my time with her. The people here are either Protestant, Athiast or Catholic...or other..there are some random ones. Normally people are nice, but sometimes the people can be stubborn and sometimes rude..
The members are great though...it is still not Gent:( but they are still awesome! 
Best reaction ever this week was: A guy opened the door and read my name and then said NEE and slammed the door. haha I have never had anyone read my name and slam the door. (I forget if I already told you that)
The weeks are flowing together. So sometimes I forget what I say. 

This week was pretty bland...Just a normal week. We are kicking butt here in Groningen and this week we got 30 hours!! WOO WOO! This place is great.
Next week 40:)

Not too much crazy happening...Belgium is pretty locked down right now...but we are pretty safe here up in the North...literally the farthest north.

The bike is doing ok it is a super small bike but it is great...it works well!...I will have to take a picture...I just keep forgetting...taking pictures is sooo hard...I really do try mom. 

I love you all so much. I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve here at this time. I am so grateful for my friends and family. I am so grateful for this gospel and the knowledge that I have that we can live with our families forever. Missionary work is hard, but I know this gospel is true, and it makes it all worth it. Someone asked us: why do you do what you do even though it is so hard? Because I KNOW IT IS TRUE. 
What are you grateful for this season??
I love and miss you all!!

Zuster Stewart-Chester
They tried on all of our things even the helmets and our boots. so great.

The hale also that is our back yard..

Zwolle today

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