Wednesday, November 11, 2015


feed my sheep

Another week passes....well this week was fantastic.
Remember how I told you about how they were going to have the Singing Elders come, and have us sing with them. Well we did.
They drove up on Saturday night, and we practiced. Elder Hunter is insanely talented...and he just goes at it and could conduct a huge choir. It is a good thing that Zuster Robbins had already taught me the Alto to Nearer my God to Thee...because we just went at it and it was a little overwhelming haha. Just helped me realize why I was never in any choirs. I just like to kind of wing it grab my guitar and sing just a regular song, without any crazy arrangement...and maybe that is kind of a bad thing...because the song sounded amazing....but haha all well.
It was super cool, and the Singing Elders are crazy good. Elder Hunter told me I could be in a choir...because apparently I can sing a really low note...he was freaking out a little about it haha...too bad I can go low, but not that high. haha 
Dont worry mom I got some recordings...but I doubt it will let me send them home so you will just have to wait till I get back.
It was a really good time though, and I enjoyed it a lot. It was an incredible experience to sing in front of about 150 members of a completely different church and just interact with them after as well. Super cool, that they are willing to let us share their church building while we have ours renovated. 

This week also, I got my bike stolen haha. Of course...I am an idiot...and I dont really want to talk about it haha. But! THE LORD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! Because the next day I was at the Romigs and they said...well we have got a bike that has been sitting in the garage for months that you could have. SOOO Incredible. Such a tender mercy, because I was really worried about having to pay for another bike.
We got transfer calls last night...well we had to call the Zone Leaders to find out whats going on. But I am staying here in Groningen! Also I am getting a new companion Zuster Harris...and I am so pumped!! I am ready to work hard with her.  

Shout out to Sam Hubbard!! Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an awesome day...heard about you growing out your hair...and I want to see a picture now.

Also I have decided I want to learn French. Brussells was opened up in our mission again...and well French is a super cool mission. So I really want to learn it haha. I dont know if I said...but I learned how to contact people in Spanish and it has actually helped a ton already! 

Yesterday I taught a first lesson and invited her to be baptized all by myself in dutch...because Zuster Karlson was busy distracting the Less active who was there...(she is the one who thinks Joseph Smith is a fallen prophet). But it went really well. haha She said she would though if she comes to know that it is true. My dutch is coming a long really well..There is still sooooo much I need to learn, but I really have been blessed with the language and yesterday I was having all sorts of conversations with the people from the Apostolische Genootschap church...I am sure I spelled that wrong...Sorry!!

SO yeah...that was my week. It was quite nice actually...I hope you all had a great week as well.
I hope you are all thinking still about the question I asked last week, especially through this difficult time in the church. This Gospel is true. I know that, and I will always know it even when tough things come my way. As a missionary I invite people to pray about things that they dont necessarily agree with. My invitation to you all for this week is to do the same. If there is something that you dont have a testimony about or you are struggling agreeing with, get down on your knees and ask God. He will help you know whether it is His way and will.

I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary.
I miss you all!
en Ik hou van jullie heel veel!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester
places by our house

another scenery picture our house....

This is just a pic of us rehearsing....Elder Hunter is playing the piano...Elder Shaw left...Elder idea how to spell his name...Elder Richards...Elder Cinatti (also probably spelled wrong...but his cousin is Elder Frederico...funny huh?) and Elder Wootan taking a picture as well.

Jelle's baptism invitation He made it himself.  Zuster Robbin's and I's letter is in the corner....

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