Thursday, November 5, 2015

"...Wie Goed Doet, Goed Ontmoet..."


I don't have much time...but this week was pretty much a party.
A missionary kind of party of course:)

We had Bro-day again this week because they felt bad that they didn't stay very long, and they ended up staying with us the whole day, and went with us to our Halloween Party with the Jovo's.  It was a great time...Me and Zus. Karlson were dinosaurs...I didn't have my camera but she has pics...I will get them from her.
People don't really celebrate Halloween here, but apparently they are starting to because they are becoming more Americanized. haha It is mainly just a lot of partying though...and getting drunk of course.

But we just had an awesome day...went and taught a lesson to a guy who was baptized, but never comfirmed, because he is back on drugs...but we are working with him.

I had exchanges this week, and was able to go back to Leeuwarden again! I was with Zus. Manning though. She is seriously an angel, and so good at just making me think. She literally just asked me so many questions and I really had no answers for some...she really helped me realize what I can do to make Groningen and my companionship even better.

I got my hair done this week...not the best..but it looks good at least so that is all that matters. I have a great picture of me in foils for you all though.

For actual Halloween day, all of the missionaries in Groningen got together..and we went to a super old fancy Café and planned for how we can do better and more fun contacting ideas here in Groningen. We are going to have a Music day every week...because there is this awesome guy named Harm in the ward...who is in a band. I am super excited.

There is this awesome Less active member here in Groningen, and he is from Friesland so he speaks Fries...(which is literally a completely different language) but they speak dutch as well. He is super cool and we are working with him and the Elders. He plays volleyball and wants to learn the guitar, so me and Elder Wootan are trying to teach him.

The Romigs took us to KFC this Shout out to my Dad! haha It is the only place in the Netherlands with free refills haha so it is a huge hit for us Americans...haha.

That is pretty much it...just a great week.
I just got news that Jelle is going to get baptized on the 14th so I will be able to go back to GENT!!!!! I am so excited. He is so awesome, and I am so excited for him.

My quote in the actually just pretty just means Whoever does good, gets good back. So my uitdaging (challenge) for you all is to do some good this week. Look for those around you who need help. Serve those you love, and serve those you hate.

Ik hou van jullie en miss jillie heel veel.
Wees Veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester
Hair...your welcome.

Decorating for Halloween party...Elder Richards caught in the act of eating candy...that is Jenny, a JOVO in the ward here.

KFC on Bro day.

We found a zip line on bro day and had to use it..the Elders got mud all over their clothes...well Elder Reese did.

Elwin and Swapna who are going to India...we walked with them around the centrum for a while..because we don't know when we will see them next...a couple of investigators.

The fancy old café...

The mist here in Groningen is insane cant see anything...this picture doesn't even show it.

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