Monday, October 26, 2015

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ....Are you?

​I tried to take a picture like I was holding it never worked out. haha. This is to rub in Elder Fairbanks face!! The tallest rock climbing wall in the world...he said. We live right by it and pass it a lot. I thought you would like this Christina and Dad Will!
​just biking..errrryyday.

Well this week was just peachy..honestly not much to report on, but I will do my best.

We had "Bro-day" this week...which is basically just when the zone leaders come and spend the day with us to see how we are doing...but they are busy. haha
So we had Lunch with the Romig's and this super cool guy from Scotland with them and then they had to go, but it was a great time. I got talked into playing a song for them...and of course "No one knew, I Heard Him Come"...until after I started singing I did a solo for everyone. 
Haha they are super nice, and the guy from Scotland told me I should go professional...haha I got a really good laugh out of that one. They are just too kind here.

I dont know if I told you, but they had us sing in Sacrament the other week, and now they are having me sing with the Singing Elders for this super cool thing they are doing with a completely different religion. They are renovating the church here so we are going to be meeting in another church. They agreed to a combined church thing in between to watch Meet the Mormons and get to know each other. So now they want me to sing with the Singing Elders...should be cool.

This week...Elder Reese came on exchanges with Elder Wootan and he used to play the piano for the Singing Elders. So we went to the station and sang songs and played the piano and contacted people that way. It was super fun, and was way better than knocking doors.

We knock doors a lot here in my mission...A LOT! haha Just trying to find people who are willing to talk to us.

Shout out to Uncle Cory! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PROFICIAT!!

Just a reminder mom...they are changing the mission home address so I think I sent it to you all but if not let me know.

Now to my title...sorry it will be a short letter this week..
This week I had a lesson with someone who basically just kept bashing on Joseph Smith. 
I couldnt take it any more after a while, and just defended him, and bore my testimony of him.
It really helped me realize how strong of faith I have. I know that he was and IS a true prophet of God. He is no fallen prophet. I am not ashamed of this Gospel. I wear Jesus Christ's name on my shirt. I wear a stupid helmet while people laugh and shout rude things at me. I knock doors and get them slammed in my face. I know that this is Jesus' true church restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I AM NOT ASHAMED! my question for all of you is...ARE YOU?
I know in High School, in California, I avoided the topic of church...and almost tried to never bring up that I was mormon. How ridiculous is that? I could have done so much more. 
Stand up. Dont be afraid to be different. Just as President Monson said. Be a light. Be different. DON'T BE ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST!!.. P.s. This is a scripture in Romans 1:16...I think.

I love you all. Stand up for what you believe and be that light for those who are in darkness!!

Ik hou van jullie!
Prettige week nog!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Our house is the one on the right:)

these are the bel op's we did for about an hour and a half one day this week. Bel op: call up

​bedroom for you mom cuz you asked for pics of the house

​I know this is terrible...but it is the only picture that wasnt extremely camera made it look like fire though. pretty cool.

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