Monday, October 5, 2015


Beards in a Dungeon

Hoe is it met jullie???

I am doing just great.
I have officially left Gent:( but also :) because now I can serve more people.
I was sooooo sad to say goodbye to everyone, dont worry I have some fantastic pictures for you all. Jelle met up with us at the station and we took a great picture in front of  construction...cuz why not? (hopefully you all just sang Lizzy McGuire when you read that)

We went to the Castle on Monday, because it was my last P-day in Gent. It was great. SOOOOOO beautiful. The Kortrijk Elders found random string in their apartment, and I dont know where they got the time to do this, but they made giant beards. It was soooo great.
Elder Jardine and Elder Lovin in Elder Stanger's beard.
Dont worry I took a classic picture with a beard in the dungeon. 'Tuurlijk!!!

The language here in different of course. It is almost hard to understand because it is soooo clear. But it is awesome.

I taught a first lesson this week to a guy from Aruba and he told me that he thought I was from BELGIUM...YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! haha I know that it isnt entirely true...because my accent isnt exactly is like an in between of both. 
The lesson went really well though. I didnt have Zus. Robbins to kill it in the lessons this time, so I had to just go for it...and I did. It went super well...and we had an awesome JOVO (YSA) member on joint teach with us and she shared her conversion story and it was great.

There is an awesome Senior Couple here: The Romig's and they are amazing. They make delicious American food for us...well...Stuff that people eat in America. Because we Americans eat every type of Food kind of. 

We have to ride bikes here to get everywhere. 
We have an awesome house...literally it is a house, and we even have a piano in it...but it is a 45 min. bike ride...just to get to the church and everything. kind of makes the house, not worth it. haha 
I saw Elder Wright on my
way through to Groningen!!
I was sooo happy. In your face Elder Fairbanks;)
Biking actually really isnt bad...I am using Zus. Riley's bike who died right before I got here...(WENT HOME...dont worry she is still alive..mission lingo) it is a little too tall, and stuck in the highest gear...but it really isnt bad. It is still easier than the bike I had before in Gent, and we dont have hills really here and it is lower elevation here than Gent. 
My first day though...was killer. I almost took out a mom and a baby on a bike (because moms ride bikes with like 3 kids on them) and almost died like 5 times...dont worry I have got the hang of it now. haha.

Now to get serious.
Wow was it great. We missed the first session because of travel for a baptism of someone Zus. Karlson had taught...and I was actually super sad about it...but We will just probably watch it another day this week...and I still havent seen the last session of Sunday's...but we are watching that next sunday...because that is how they do it here. 
I love Conference. I cant believe I ever took it for granted.
It was much needed for me and I learned so much. 
I loved what somebody said (whoops I didnt catch his name...of course) 
He talked about Never giving up, and Holding Fast. He said: Ïf trials seem more than you can bear...TURN TO HIM. I have really learned that these past few days. The Lord truly comforts us when we ask for help. Dont wait or try to do it yourself...TURN TO HIM. ALWAYS!! He will always help you, if you just call out immediately. Just like Peter as he started to sink and fear...he immediately called out to the Savior and without a second going by, as soon as he called out. Jesus came to his aid. He is always there...Just TURN TO HIM.

Ik hou van jullie heel veel, en miss juliie altijd.
Tijd gaat sneller en sneller elke dag. 
prettige week nog!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

top of the castle...I had to leave that beautiful city.

View from the Romigs apartment!

THE Verdegems!:) and Elder Groesbeck and Elder Fairbanks.

Jelle. #enoughsaid

​The Buysse's minus President Buysse...Teddy's twin in Star Wars shirt.
​Cute Ludwine. From Gent...she was so sweet, and made me promise I would write her.
I took a picture next to a maple leaf just for Elder Turner

The Piano in our house:)

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