Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Geen Meer Vlaams:(


Hoe is it met jullie?
Pictures From members in Gent...

It is just great here but you can probably tell by the title of this letter that I have some news for you all...but don't worry...I am not going to get into that until later.(Smirky face)

This week was great.
We had Zusters Conference, and Zone Training...so we were extremely pumped up this week. haha
Zuster Bunnell is so cute, and made the Conference so amazing. We did service because of our awesome mission theme: Hearts to God, Hands to Serve, Love the One.We made quilts and blind-sewed tiny blankets for premature babies, it was great. She also got each of us a letter from our mothers, and it was so sweet, everyone was crying of course...because duh girls. 
I felt so uncomfortable in a room with 40 Zusters haha. I think I got too used to just Elders. But it was nice.

Shout out for Birthdays:
Katelyn!! Sorry I missed it, I hope everything is going well with school love and miss you.
Aunt Jen and Aunt Annette: Thank you for all you both do for me, you deserve the best day ever!! I love and miss you both so much!

also quick shout out to Broeder Van Workman at my home ward...hoping all is going well, and I cant wait

to be able to come back and speak dutch with you!

I hope you are all just as excited to watch General Conference as I am...I didnt take advantage of it, as much as I wish I did when I was home. I love reading passed talks now in the mornings for study.

Broeder Goethals was super excited for this weeks letter because we went to his house for dinner. They wanted to make sure I put all the wonderful topics in the weekly update, so of course I am not going to let him down.
Where to Begin: 
Mom I use that butterfly you sent me in lessons and everyone loves it, but what is funny, is I have never really been able to get it to work as well as it should....well the Goethals got a really good kick out 
Zone Training. So sad to be leaving all my buddies. 
of this and they were trying to figure it out themselves...so Jasper looked at the butterfly and read the instructions: who know, they put instructions on those things...haha. Well it said to rewind it 40 times and they tried it and it worked perfectly....'TUURLIJK...(of course).
They thought that was pretty great. 
We also talked about becoming Gods and how Broeder Goethals was going to kill all of the flies, and said he cant wait to become a God "because it will be so fun....your dead, you drowned" haha pointing to Zuster Robbins and Jasper. 
He also talks about how I was in a pageant all the time, and made me talk about it this time, haha he loves to make people feel uncomfortable, and it is great. He reminds me so much of you Dad Alex. Cant wait for you all to be able to meet them.We had a lesson before The Goethals with Jelle at the church...and we were running late because of our other appointment, but we had to run home quickly first. So we did and then we ran to the church, and there is this fence that you can usually sneak through and it cuts the time in half. Well we get there and they closed it off again, so we snuck around the side to get through it as well, and me going first I put my leg in a big bush of stinging nettles...haha of course. Made me think of England though and all of the good times with nettles there as well. I saw Conkers as well on the ground here. It is so beautiful here.  Anyways we made it to the appointment of course but my leg was stinging all that night into the next morning, haha silly Tate.

what the title means is: No more Flemish. Because we got transfer calls last night. 
Not gonna lie I was really confident that I was going to stay in Gent, but actually no. I am leaving. AND....I am going to GRONINGEN! which means super north in the Netherlands where they speak super thick gutteral g dutch...so yep no more Flemish for me. I am super sad actually because I love Flemish and I was getting really good at it. 
I cried like a baby last night, silly me. I am really sad to be leaving all of these amazing members and our awesome investigators. I love them so much. They are so extremely kind and incredible. But I guess it just means I am going to have to come back later. You would think I would be used to having to move so much, because of how much I moved at home, but wow this is going to be hard. You love people a different way on your mission, and it is a completely different feeling. I also didnt prepare myself well at all because I really believed that I was staying and Zuster Robbins was leaving...but nope. 
My new companion will be Zuster Carlson or Karlson haha. I met her at Zusters Conference, for like a second, and talked to her about volleyball, because she used to play as well.
We wrote on papers with Zusters names on them and said nice things about each other, and I wrote on hers..."hopefully we will be companions one day so we can kick butts in volleyball." well I jinxed myself for sure. haha But I am really excited. It is hard to leave this amazing place full of yummy chocolates, frites, and amazing people. But this will be so good for me, and I can already feel a fantastic challenge coming. Something to step up to, and I am ready and willing to accept. The Lord has a plan for me, I know that for 
sure. I can only trust in His will, because really a mission isnt for me anyways.

I love you all and miss you so much, but last night helped me realize that I really do love this place, this difficult language, and tough nut people. This is a once in a lifetime chance and I am so grateful that I chose to be here. I would be so devastated to have to leave so soon!!

Ik hou van jullie,
fijne week verder!!

Zuster Stewart-Chester

​The Goethals...also he is holding a sign over my head that says..."read the instructions..40 times" haha

Anna Buysse, Flynn's future wife.....and Brother Goethals tongue in the background....ha ha

The Goethals....he is spinning his head in circles, ha ha,
but I captured him perfectly!!

Sherley she is from Nicaragua and is always a party...
Blessing...she trained sister Robbins trainer...so she is my "Grandma" sort of haha

​Antoinette from Ghana who is sooooo strong in the gospel, teaches Gospel Principles and was baptized in April. This is her cute baby Emmanuela. 
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Amy who taught us Bollywood dancing:)
Kimberly Verdegem: she served in our mission and was trained
by the same trainer as sister Robbins...so she is my "Ă„unt"
The Symyncks our investigator is in pink:)

The Hall Family, I went to their wedding my first transfer!

This is the Hall family...
​Broeder Van Dendriesche...I hope that is how you spell it...also Jonas Symynck and Kevin Verdegem with peace in the background. 

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