Monday, September 7, 2015

I love Gent

Goedemorgen Familie en Vrienden,

Life is fantastic here in Gent...

The city is beautiful, it is starting to get chilly, the members are fantastic, and our investigators are THE BEST!

Knocking Hobbit Doors in Leper
Last monday, we went to Ieper. It is a city that was destroyed in the War, but they rebuilt it all. They also had a really cool Museum about Flanders Fields...funny because it is actually in Antwerpen, but it was cool nonetheless.

We had a ton of miracles that day...I brought my guitar...GOETHAL (i realized I spelt it wrong before..sorry Broeder Goethal) and we had rapped it in a recycle sack to protect it a little. It looked pretty tacky haha. But on the way to the museum in of the Elders goes "Zuster SC quick go into that music store and buy a case" I did.

On our way back from the Museum...which by the way, was really fantastic, and it is crazy how there is just a spirit of reverance in places like poured....and we had taken the long way to go on top of the wall that they built around the whole city of Ieper. Well of course I didnt bring a coat...but I did luckily have a case now for Goethal, so he was protected. We were drenched.

We got to the station, soaked, and we were told that the train was delayed and it had been derailed because of issues. Well magically another small train came out of nowhere only a minute later than the other one was supposed to arrive. Which was fantastic, because we had two appointments that night, that we had to get to.

The first was a super member present with Jelle...who is our referral that took us forever to contact...The Verdegem's were awesome enough to let us teach him at their house and bring him for dinner. They are awesome...It went really well, and we didnt teach him what we had planned but instead we taught him what he needed to be taught. The Verdegems went around bearing their testimony of how they knew this church is true. It was fantastic.

Then we were off...and late because we are our other investigators house...Shauna. She has a doopdatum. We were late though so we just sang a lot of songs with their family. Which worked out great, because Shauna started school the next day, and wouldnt have been able to focus because she was nervous. But we relaxed her a little with some songs and the spirit was sooooo strong. I could just feel it. 

What is great, is that we didnt teach any of the lessons that we had planned, but they were both lessons that needed to be taught, and to bring the spirit. 

Also I got the best compliment anyone could have ever given me this week: 
Broeder Van Hees told me that I have a Flemish accent!!!! I was soooo happy. I hope I speak Flemish my entire mission. It is soooo beautiful. Plus the members from Nederlands also told me that they could tell I was serving in Belgium. They dont like it, but all well. haha

I can do the gutteral R thing that they do here now...I cant roll my R on the tip of my tongue still though, which is what people in the Nederlands do I have still got time. 

This week we went to the Goethal's for dinner...Broeder Goethal told us the story of how he became converted. 
He said that the first time the missionaries came by he was busy but told them to come back. But when they returned his house was a mess so he didnt dare let them in. He told them this but he said that as soon as he opened the door he was hit with the spirit sooooo strongly...he said it took his breath away. He waited till the next time they came over forever he said it felt like...and they said that they almost didnt come, thinking that he wasnt interested. He was baptized after 3 weeks...I think.

This story hit me soooo hard. 
I really want to be a missionary like those who came to his door. Being able to shine the spirit that can hit someone that hard. I am working hard to always have the spirit with me, through my obedience, so that somehow I can impact someone just like those missionaries did for Broeder is incredible.
I know that this church is true!! Without a doubt in my heart. 
This week we met a girl who didnt believe in anything...not even a power up above. Why???? What joy comes from knowing that we have a loving Heavenly Father who watches over us, and that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to Atone for our sins, and become Resurrected. What a joy to know that we can live with our families forever and ever.

Ik hou van jullie, Ik miss jullie heel veel, maar deze werk is geweldig, en ik hou van mijn Verlosser. Daarom ben ik hier. Om mensen dichter tot Christus te brengen.

Prettige week nog!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

 LEPER is beautiful!!

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  1. Such beautiful country. I know also the church is true.