Monday, August 31, 2015



I am doing fantastic!!! 
Yesterday I was sitting in a lesson, sweating like a pig (yep I know pigs don't sweat that is why it is soooo weird), and I really did not want to leave this place ever!!

When am I ever going to get this chance again? Knocking random peoples doors, sitting in a lesson, sweating because this insane hot but humid weather, biking up hills and having my glasses fog up, and just being here in this place. It really is soooo beautiful, and wow I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!

The Branch is soooooo ridiculously kind. They do sooooo much for us. 

I gave my first talk yesterday in dutch. They let me off a little because it was over the Restoration and Joseph Smith, which is what I teach about every day almost. But it was great and I added some more points. Also guess what! My notes were all in English and I translated them all to dutch while going. Pretty cool. I was soooo nervous though and it was funny. Yesterday was hot and humid so I was sweating. I was fanning myself the entire time, and the whole branch was making fun of me, and the priests passing the sacrament were laughing ha ha. 

Our investigator is SO awesome. He came to church yesterday, and he turns to me (because he knows I am sooo nervous) and says: "Don't be nervous, this is your Family!" It was awesome that even he knew that and was telling me about it. He is super cool, and we are loving teaching him. Today he is coming to our dinner appointment with us, and we are giving him the second lesson there. So it is exciting.

We had the RING FAMILIE DAG, on Zaterdag. It was fantastic. We met members from all over, and I got to see the people who met you Mom and Dad in Utah and also President Boom and his family!
Also There are families that live in Breda who brought us food, and Peanut Butter/Pindakaas. ha ha Sis. Robbins served there for a while and they all love her, so they brought her stuff. They also brought root beers for all the missionaries...IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!

It is crazy though, because I feel like some of those people from the Breda ward, are now my friends, even though I havent even served there yet. The members here are soooo awesome, and sooo kind.

We also had Zone Conference this week in Zuidermeer, Nederland. We stayed the night there, because we are all the way in Belgium with the sisters. So I got to meet Sis. Lemych and Sis. Mashburn who is from PG. She is super cool. Zone Conference was great, and talked a lot about gaining confidence with the members and having them help ith you investigators. 
There is an awesome quote somewhere in Preach my gospel, and it talks about how, WE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT MEMBERS!! Missionaries come and go, members do not. SO please, help the missionaries around you. Help them in bringing people into the fold.

Other than that it was just a crazy week, full of service, travel and partying...well missionary partying haha.

We have so much peanut butter it is ridiculous, but also great. I tried Jiff the other day though and almost puked...I dont know how I am going to leave this place and eat sugary peanut butter. Calvé is THE BEST!!!

I love you all and miss you so much, but I LOVE IT HERE!!
haha I am already praying to stay here for another transfer, because Gent is amazing.

Ik hou van jullie, en hoop u een fijne week ferder hebben!!
Zuster SC

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 ​Ring Familie Dag....I wore jeans all was wierd.
Elder Lovin, Eld. Kauer, Elder Howard, Elder Paur (his dad was Rigiletto from the movie hilarious)

Giant Water Melon should have seen me eat it!  

​Elder Fairbanks with a ridiculous belt buckle, Elder Jardine and Elder Groesbeck!

​We went to brugge this week...this is one of the most photographed place in Europe or the World...not sure.

Brugge is so stinkin' Beautiful!

Just Streets of Brugge....

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