Monday, August 3, 2015

"I'm not going to Nineva"


hallo!!! hoe is het? 

Soooooo this week we actually did go to Nineva. haha it is a funny story actually...
First I hope you all know the story of Jonah and going to Nineva or at least seen the Vegetales movie Jonah and the is a CLASSIC! haha.

Anyways...this week we went on a little adventure. We received a referral to go to a place all the way out in Haaltert to place a Book of Mormon. So we had to take a train to go to Aalste. (sorry none of these names make any sense I am sure) Then a bus to Haaltert, but it didn't come for an hour when we got to we did bell ups and contacted in the centrum. It was hard. A lot of people just completely ignored us. Or were rude. 
Then when we finally got to Haaltert we had to walk for about 20 min. to get to this house...down crazy tiny streets (I will send you a picture).
I know I know its my face...
haha but these are the tiny streets in Haaltert. also new glasses yayayay!
Once there....they weren't there...and their phone number wasn't correct that we had been given so we couldn't let them know...we quickly wrote a little message to them and looked at the time. Before walking to the house we had looked at the bus schedule. we only had 30 min. and it had already been 25. whoooooppsss!! So we decided to run to a bus stop that was just before the one we had gotten off at in order to catch it. We literally ran for a straight 15 minutes. That is right everyone...In a skirt, in the sun, with flats on. (dont worry though, because I brought leggings that I have cut off to use as bike shorts...sooooo nobody saw anything haha). Well I bet you can already guess...but we totally missed the bus. The next bus didnt come for another hour and a half or something even worse than that. So we started walking. My feet were dead, but it was great...I really want to talk to someone about letting us wear nice tennis shoes though;) We walked for 30 minutes just looking for a different bus that would come sooner while knocking doors and contacting people. BUT: Missionary blessings we reached one and as soon as we got to the bus halte there was a bus pulling up...crazy. The Lord for sure gave me a tender mercy that day. Dus...we were sitting on the bus when we saw a sign that said Nineva. We both laughed at that, because nobody would really listen to us in that town. 

So ya...We went to Nineva.

This week, we went to Leiden, in Nederlands to do Legallity work (good news I can stay;)) 
Delicious homemade hash browns. chickens and german pancakes.

Repping the awesome
apron Sister Kerry Mower  made for me
in my home ward...THANK YOU!!! 
I don't know if I have told you this but Zus. Robbins is a obsessed with peanut butter/Pindakaas here in dutch....and she has rubbed off on me. It is soooo good here, but it is expensive in Belgium, so we went to Leiden and bought 4 jars of it. hahah yikes, it is great though. If you ever get the chance to try Calve!!

This week was pretty crazy...but we made dinner for the Elders twice they had bought two chickens and didn't know how to cook them so we helped and ate them tooo sooooooo yummy also with my mashed potatoes:)

We went to the Goethal's this week for a proper Belgian breakfast.   SOOOOO good. Breads with cheese and meats and yummy pastries and warm chocolade melk. mmmm mmmmm!! Also they asked me what I miss most from home besides family and friends, so I told them I miss relaxing and playing the guitar. Next thing I know Zus. Goethal brings down a guitar from upstairs and tells me I can keep it. IIIIIII AAAAMMMM IN HEAVENNN!!! haha I told them I couldnt accept it, but they insisted so. yep. haha I love them.
I decided to name it Goethal, because it means strong neck in english. haha Perfect fit huh?

Anyways I dont have much time today I love you all and miss you. Hope everything is going great!!

God loves us and He knows us, and He is always there right by our side. 

Matthew 11:28-30. ALL those that labor. not just the people who are dying or sick. All those that labour can take upon the yoke of Christ. He is not on some other planet watching over you. He is in the fields with His servants helping them. Side by side. He wont go faster than you, He will always go your speed and just like with the can carry 20 times the weight with Him. Just as an ox with the second ox and the yoke. Rely on him!

Ik hou van jullie HEEL VEEL!!!
tot de vogende keer.
Zuster Stewart-Chester

My desk, just for you mommy!

I almost bought the bib because it says "Born in Gent"  and I was Born in Gent:)

There is corn everywhere here, to feed cows. It is beautiful!!!

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