Monday, August 10, 2015

There can be......miracles

​This is in a town called Velzeke. They always have big catholic churches in every town super cool!

Goedemorgen of Goedenavond!!!!
Hopefully you all have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, and realize the miracles you recieve every day!

Something I love that Sis. Robbins and I do, is always write down the Grap je's and the Wonder's voor de dag. Grap je's: basically the jokes and laughs for the day... and Wonder's: of course is miracles...silly dutch. It helps me to really think about every tiny miracle that we recieve as missionaries. WHICH IS A LOT!!!!!

This week was amazing!!! Each week just speeds by, and I am sure you hear that a lot, but it really does. Each day takes forever and yet the week goes by way too fast. 

also I forgot we went to Brussels this week for legality and got waffles, because aparently they are the best there
On monday, we went to a members house and she taught us how to make mormon Tirimasu, and Panne Cotte, super yummy easy desserts. She is like a chocolatier and a baker because she went to school for it and she is amazing. It was a good time, I will send you pictures.
Mormon Tirimasu
​Here panos is like huge and I swear missionaries keep it in business. It is soooo yummy! haha and cheap
Sis. Robbins...Elder Clement (an elder...I am going to start that nickname for them if it is the last thing I do) and Elder Wilson who is one of the Elders in Antwerpen. Me and him always talk about our Warby Parker glasses and watches haha. He is cool! 
Panne Cotte

(so I actually left my planner at someones house right now I am really trying to think of everything I did, without all of my notes. Forgive me momma)

We got a bike on Saturday, from a sister who just left to go home, so yesterday was my first full day on a bike. MY LEGS ARE KILLING!!! haha it is great. We got soooo lost and I am pretty sure we went all the way in a circle around Gent. In Nederlands it is so flat, well here in Belgium it has hills, who knew eh? haha and some big ones too! haha but it was great, already have a small battle wound that one of our potential onderzoekers helped me put a bandaid on haha. Dont worry mom it was a tiny cut on my finger. 
So all day yesterday we biked...after church of course, and we had two lessons with potentials, and yesterday one turned into a progressive!!!! YAY! She picked a doopdatum (Baptism date) and we are going to help her reach it. She just has to quit smoking and continue to prepare. She is soooo sweet. The spirit was so strong, and it is great because her family are members. So they came and joint taught. She is awesome, she practically told us that she wanted to be baptized. 
So miracles do happen, and our hard work is starting to pay off!!!

We work hard, and it has been a little difficult with my wierd rib cage thing going on, but I think it will get better because I wont be walking or running as much with my bike now haha.

This Branch here is amazing, I love every single one of them. They are so kind, and they always feed us. Yummy foods of course!!

On Saturday was the baptism for Alexander (the Elders onderzoeker) It was beautiful!! So awesome, to see things I have seen plenty of times in Utah, but now here in dutch! Also Elder Frederico messed up so they randomly said in the middle of the meeting that the Missionaries had prepared something special for Alexander. Dus, Elder Frederico, Sis. Robbins and I sang in front of everyone. haha It is a good thing that Sis. Robbins can play the piano. 

Sorry I am the worst and have missed a couple. Happy Belated Birthday to Aunt Nicole, and Maddie Rice!! I hope you had an amazing day, I love you both and you deserve the best...also congrats Aunt Nicole on being pregnant again, I am soooo excited for you!!

Happy Birthday to Kaylee Philips and Grandad!! I love you so much, I am so gratefuly for all of you. Have the BEST DAY EVER!!!

I seriously love it here. WOW I LOVE IT HERE!!!! I love this country, and it is hard, but it is so fulfilling. I am sorry I really cant remember anything else. If I have forgotten anything important I will send it next week.

I challenge you all to look at the wonders of the day. Look for them. They are there!!! There are no coincidences! Ik hou van jullie, en ik hou van dit evangelie, en de kans dat ik heb om het met de mensen van Gent te delen. 

DONT FORGET: There can be miracles...IF you believe!!! haha sing it all day for me.

Tot de volgende week,
Zuster Stewart-Chester

 This is a better picture of the building I am standing in front of in the picture below.  It is in Brussels.

Chinchillas.......Random at a member families house....



  1. I LOVE reading this blog and hearing about your successes! God bless.