Monday, August 24, 2015

Bollywood Dancing on P-day

It is really a happy face....ha ha because now it is a rule to wear
helmets and we look like dorks in them.

So I literally have no time to write you this week...which is okay because honestly it was a pretty normal week....
That could be good or bad..I didnt lose anything so that is good.

We are seeing a lot of progress here.

We finally got in contact with one of our refferrals we have been trying to get in contact with for 6 weeks. He is super awesome, and wants to take the lessons. He was in Austria, and met a girl from California who didnt drink and so he was really interested in why not. She brought him to church and he really liked it. He has reffered himself like 3 times...and we had the wrong number so we couldnt call him and then we tried to go to his apartment but he was never home. 

He finally got our note we had left for him and called us. We are really excited to start teaching him!

This week other than that though was just a lot of work. We bike a lot...and it is whooping me but it is getting better. I am sure when it is not sooooooo hot it will be a lot easier haha. 
Yep it is actually super hot here....but it is getting closer to fall, so hopefully not for too much longer. I didnt pack for warm weather...haha
My baby Goethal  oh and my awesome homemade Capo
Desperate times call for desperate measures..

On pday last week, Amy symynck from the Branch here taught us Bollywood dancing and it was a blast.

Elder Lovin got his new greeny...he is from Rexburg and he knows Gabby...somewhat haha of course. (p.s. Gabby you better respond to me) his name is Elder Kauer and he is a really nice guy. Poor kid though I feel so bad for him...knowing how hard it was for that first little while and with jet lag. But he is handling it soooo well!!

ahhh I am sorry I am terrible next week will be better...I wanted to make sure I had enough time to send pictures.
I miss you all. I love this work..It is hard, but it is amazing. I love my Savior. I am so grateful for what He has done for me and I hope I will have the chance to repay Him in the tiniest way by just sharing the gospel here in Belgium and the Netherlands!! 
Biking in the rain, we got drenched!

Ik hou van jullie!!
Fijne week nog!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Not the best beach picture, but it looks like every other beach...
cornfields in Velzeke, but they are everywhere.

We even had cute forehead jewells! 
The Symyncks...Shauna (our onderzoeker with a doopdatum), Ellen, Amy, Maureen, and Cindy. They are all amazing!!!

​we got off at the wrong bus stop because I am an idiot haha but we found a really beautiful pond while knocking doors!! Dendermonde!

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