Sunday, September 20, 2015



Sorry this weeks title....doesnt have anything to do with my week. Honestly I couldnt think of what to title this was A PITY: which is what Jammer means. 
p.s. I hope you are all learning dutch words from my emails.

This week...well it was a great one, but then...None are ever really bad.

I got a little sick this week, but I swear the members secretly knew because they always made soup or something that felt so nice on my throat. It isnt anything too bad, still can get up and work so I am doing great.

The members here are so amazing...I dont know if I can ever leave. It is bad. haha But I guess I will just have to come back to visit, ALL THE TIME. 

Monday We went and played sports as a zone, and it was fun, I played soccer for the first time in a long time, and it was great...also football, but we wont get into that haha.
Zuster Young....

I went to Turnhout this week on exchanges with Zus. Young and she is amazing!! I learned so much from her and we had an amazing lesson with a lady in the turnhout ward....I really just followed the spirit and spoke, not worrying about my dutch, and it went so well. Turnhout is such a cute little town, I am going to have to just visit all over my mission, even the places I havent gone.

We had dinner with Mary this week, who is from Nigeria. Her and a couple of her boys joined the church not too long ago. She made us delicious African food, and even promised that she would teach us how to make it next time. So look forward to some delicious African food when I get back everyone!

Turnhout at night....

Our investigator Jelle is super awesome!! We always laugh soooo hard, and he is progressing so much.

We had the most amazing lessons with him this week, and the spirit was so strong. 

(From mum:  A member posted pictures and a video
of Tate Singing on Facebook)  I think I'm beginning
to love these members as much as TATE)
I love my guitar...I bring it almost everywhere and we use it in sooo many lessons, it is such a blessing. It brings the spirit so strongly every time!!
Mary gave us awesome matching pants.......

Went to Brussels this week it was raining so hard!  

Sorry nothing too crazy this week...I love you all and miss you like crazy!!

Ik hou van jullie!
wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

I love having Elder Fairbanks in my district....
Zuster Robbins and I...on the train...

Antwerpen Station....Also notice the random camel on the left.  It's my favorite!

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