Monday, September 14, 2015

PARTY TANDEM BIKES....going to church


This week was pretty fantastic...but then every week kind of is here in Gent.

We had a beautiful baptism for a cute girl in the ward, and I said the opening prayer. One of the friends of the family was not a member...and he was talking to me after and said that he really thought I was from the Netherlands. Pretty cool. He was super impressed with how we missionaries learn the language so fast...Especially Dutch (everyone keeps telling me it is one of the hardest European languages)...So ya, the gift of tongues is real!!
It was funny we noticed that our days are like CHIASMUS. 
You know how the scriptures are full of repeating things and there is always a center of it? Well our day pretty much went like that. 
We woke up, had studies, planning, taught and took trams and buses, I got a song stuck in my head but it went away. Went to the Baptism(the center), song got stuck in my head again.. trams buses....taught, planned, studied 12 week (which is the stuff we study for our first 12 weeks in the mission field) and then Bed.

My life is like the scriptures...haha pretty cool huh?

Monday we had a really nice relaxing P-day....we just pretty much stayed inside and then went to the church to play board games with the Elders. 

But boy did we have fun...for some reason we have this issue with fruit flies. (I thought I could go anywhere on my mission, but boy am I blessed to be here...because I have realized how much I hate bugs...and I would have died in places with big bugs.)
We had to clean up our apartment...and I was getting real sick of those we took the vaccuum and went around the whole apartment swinging it around to get all the bugs. haha we were definitely a sight to see I am sure. You will have to make sure you watch that tape of my life in Heaven...haha. We were getting so into it and freaking out a little...but it is better now so that is all that matters right? haha 
We decided though that we are keeping the trash outside...because they live in our walls we think, somehow they always get in even though we never open the windows. We even made those traps for them and they are getting too smart...tricky little bugs. haha

Well enough about bugs.
This week we contacted a referral...boy was he not happy to see us. haha He told us that he felt "100 percent invaded by us knocking on his door and that he felt like we were trying to force our religion on him"...yikes sorry. haha 
But we had time and we were in a tiny little town called Schellebelle (cute eh?) so we knocked a lot of doors...
We recieved the best excuse ever:
"Sorry the police told me that I am not supposed to talk to anyone who comes to my door today"
Definitely the best I have heard yet...
We knocked doors, and then we were getting close to the time when our bus was about to come, but there was just one more house pretty much so we said why not. Well turns out it was the only person willing to talk to us that day, which was awesome. But we laughed because we watched the bus go past in the reflection of the door, It was great. So knocked some more doors until we could catch the bus an hour later. haha 
It was worth it though, because she was very sweet and took a Boek Van Mormon from us!

​Annq B took a selfie at the baptism for me...fantastic right..flynn this is your future wife..Their family is fantastic!!
We see miracles a lot...and it usually does happen when we miss our busses...wierdly enough. haha But it is great. 
I love it here a lot!!
I miss you all. Stay safe. Have fun. Maar niet te veel;)

Ik hou van jullie!
Zuster Stewart-Cheste

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