Thursday, February 18, 2016

"I just like it because I want to cuddle a lion.."


I hope everyone is just doing great...but really, because this week, one of the members asked me how it was with my family and friends in America, and told me that God told her to ask me, and that I needed to make sure everyone was okay on Monday....

Kind of creepy and threw me off a little...but no bad news yet so I am hoping I am good.
I tell meet some pretty interesting people on a mission.

Anyways...this week

I did kind of hit a brick wall though when it got to Friday and my brain was just dead. I could not think or find my way around Groningen at all. I was exhausted...but its okay, because it all worked out.

This week we met up with Guido twice!! We just keep bringing him to members houses and eating food, and it is a great time. He is really searching, and he talked with Koen forever and said he was super impressed with him. He told us that he really just wants to know what we believe, and finds mind is blanking so mom can you look that up for me what the translation in english is ( It has to do with rules and who we are as people and what we do...maybe morals?)
really beautiful. He thinks it is so interesting that we dont drink alcohol or coffee or smoke. He struggles a little bit maybe wanting to change but he does think it is beautiful haha.

Our investigator Piet Geluk...(his music name is Pete Luck...translation in English) is still super positive...we taught him about the word of wisdom and he took it well...but this week we went over it again...and he is really struggling wanting to stop..."It is just toooo LEKKER!" (tasty) He wants to be baptized, but he just loves the pipe too much. So we are still going to work with him, and he said he would pray for the desire to stop. I kind of got it drilled into his head though, with an analogy that the spirit told me. He Always refers things to music or other things...and something he was saying just went so well with how God felt about him...and I told him and he couldnt respond..He will get it I know he will.

We had dinner with a member (Joyce) last night and it was like I was hanging out with you mom. She is the same age, and even looks and acts like you. It was soooo nice. You would be best friends I know it mom.

We went on exchanges to Leeuwarden this week and it was soooo nice. It helped gain my faith in knocking again..after last week...because we found 7 potentials in one day just knocking!!! CRAZY...maybe Groningen is just struggling haha because it was easy. Nah but it really was a good experience for me and much needed!!

I have no big stories to tell you...but I guess that is a good thing...because they usually involve me doing something stupid and losing something etc.

HAVE THE BEST WEEK EVER....even better than last week:)

Ik hou van jullie!!
achterrooping with sis. Kimmons

This is Joyce...and she looks different in person...haha she kept talking during the timer...kind of made me think of nannie!
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Zuster Stewart-Chester

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