Monday, September 5, 2016

Count your many blessings...

I saw Kimberly Verdegem at the baptism this weekend and Elder Kauer so that was cool!!!


Hey everyone! Everything is going well here. We had a pretty good week this week. Nothing tooo crazy, but it was good.

Monday was the most inspiring day. We went to Dave's to play games and he just sat us down and we all had a really good discussion about things we are grateful for and why we have a reason to celebrate life! LIFE IS SOOOOO GREAT!! and we have sooo many reasons to be grateful. Then we went to a Mos's house and he talked about how he had been in prison and his leg was shot in Iran. He said he had been so angry at God for feeling the pain, but when they came to hang him (because he was on death penalty) they had left him, because of his leg, thinking that he would die from the pain anyways. Well because of his pain he survived and escaped. He said he thanks God for the pain everyday. Because even though he still feels it sometimes, he can live, walk and bike. about a slap in the face....I needed it. I need to be more grateful, and I think we all do.

I went on exchanges to Den Haag this week, with sis. Ibrahim...which is funny because I was her sister training leader, and now she is mine. It was a good time. We saw some small was a long day because about 3 appt.'s fell through, but fun. I totally talked to a guy from China and was able to talk chinese to him, because Elder Bartolini had taught me a little bit...and he understood what I was saying haha. So I am going to have him teach me some more sometime. Also kind of cool, we had been contacting before our lunch appointment, and knocked for a little and then started walking over...there was music playing and a guy was picking up trash and banging his pincher things against a pole to the music, so I commented on it and just said how it was probably easier to do his work with some music in the background. He agreed and we started talking to him. He wants a Book of there you go.

Also fun little thing because I know my greenies parents will want to hear this because I was really proud...Sis. Vandenberghe while on exchanges here had sat on a tram with the other sisters, they had all sat in a four seater and she had sat down on the other side with another lady, and totally started talking to her, and had a great conversation with her. She is great. I was so proud, that she did it even being around 3 other sisters who have been out longer than she has. 
I also learned how to write eternity in Japanese this week because a guy sat down next to us with a cool tattoo haha. He told me that he hasnt told very many people what it means, so I felt pretty special haha, and said he didnt know if he believed in eternity, but if it did, than he would see us there. 
There was another baptism this weekend for Amnon who the Elders had worked with. It was a beautiful service, and a lot of people came to support him and the spirit was strong.
We also tried to go to a Bible study with this lady this week, but my tire went flat, and we couldnt get it pumped up so we had to reschedule. Because we then had to take the tram to get to church on time. 

Anyways...that was my week. It was a good one. I love and miss you all!!
Also shout out to my mom!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I promise I remembered and I sent a letter, I just didnt have any stamps so it is on its way...and also shout out to Brady for your Birthday tomorrow. I am grateful that you both are in my life, and I love and miss you.

Ik hou van jullie!
Wees veilig!
Fijne week!
zuster stewart-chester

Doralin who got baptized last week....Zuster de souza, Zuster Vandenberghe , and Zuster Maughn

selfies with MOS....

Ger ! At Wouter´s farm

My District....

Zuster De Souza and boys from Gouda visiting for the baptism.Simon and Remart

Amnon's baptism

Zuster Dixon and Zuster Greening....I died Zuster Dixon's hair brown:)  

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