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Goedemorgen allemaal!

This week was a good one...besides a little bit of a scare in the middle. I dont have that much time again today, so it will be a quick one again, but hopefully it is a good one. 

So this week:
I had a weird virus hit me, and I was super exhausted. Just soooo out of it. It felt as though I had taken medicine to put me to sleep, I was so tired. The first day I kind of just dealt with it, and tried to go out and work and knock...and I was feeling a little nauseous and had a sore throat and the day before I had been really itchy. 
We had an incredible lesson with Indhira and we are preparing her for her baptism on October 1. She is wonderful, and we are sooo excited for her.

Afterwards I called sister Bunnell, and she told me to kind of take it easy...well the next thing I know Brother Kauffman our ward mission leader calls and tells me that his daughter got chicken pox, and didnt want to have our correlation tomorrow at his house for the safety of us possibly getting it. Because his daughter had been vaccinated, and still gotten it. Well after I got off the phone with him I looked up some symptoms of chicken pox, and I found this:
Fever...which hadnt happened yet. Being itchy and really tired! Welllllll I totally thought that I could be coming on with the chicken pox. So the next day I just waited to see if I would start to get headaches or a fever...and sure enough I woke up and had a very bad headache but no fever. We went out and worked and the wind did not help my headache very much. So I went home and called President. He did a lot of checks over the phone, and had my comp look down my throat and at a bump I found on my belly....(I know a little too similar) but said to keep on going...take some eibeprofen and go back to work. So I took some medicine, and I was still exhausted so we made some calls. I talked to this lady from Haiti and she was super nice...and super postive. She said we were welcome to go by....

So anyways the next day I woke up still a little exhausted, but feeling a lot better and on our way back from doing service on Wouter's farm, I received a call from the lady from Haiti's daughter. I am not going to lie, I really thought she was going to tell me not to go visit her mother, because that has happened all too often. But she then proceeded to tell me that she had prayed to find a church a good church for her to go and worship her God and then her mom had called giving her our number and telling her that she should go to our church. Well I told her which church we were and she found out that we were "Mormons" and she was not very happy...but after a very long convo I talked her into at least meeting with us and testified that God was showing her the direction that she needed to take, and had answered her prayer. So we will see, she actually lives in Den Haag so I handed her off to the sisters there. But it was an incredible experience. because on those days that you just feel like crap and lazy and you make calls, God knows me too well, and knew that I would be making calls. So even through the partly laziness but also sickness of myself God was able to touch someone and answer someones prayer. Area Book work is the best. Why waste a book full of people who were actually interested at some I right??
So it turns out I do not have chicken pox...but it all worked out...maybe God made me feel sick so that I could get in contact with her:)

I love you all and miss you. The young women's Conference was wonderful, I hope all the women watched it and loved it. I love this work. It is tiring but soooo rewarding. I love serving those around me!

Fijne week!
wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

p.s. my companion is incredible, and just wanted to give her a shout out, because she is great. I hope her parents know that she is a wonderful missionary, and will do some amazing things here.

Delft for pday

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by the way, in delft we found van der burg chocolate!!!!​

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