Wednesday, September 14, 2016

`I can literally smell the mother birthing her calf!!!`


Well this week was pretty crazy!!
Ton de Groot!

From getting verbally attacked by a Jehovah´s Witness saying that everyone has to become one or you will not go to heaven, to teaching Indhira, to working in Wassenaar and talking to people from all over the world, to cleaning out stalls of cow poop, and potlucks at the church with an Indonesia theme to celebrate a 90 year old mans birthday!!

We finally had a correlation with everyone and established where we are actually going to work and what our boundaries are sort of, so this week we went to work...

Doralin who was recently baptized is on fire with missionary work, has introduced us to Indhira from the Dominican Republic and she is incredible. We have a baptismal date for her planned on October 1st. So we are really excited for her!! She is really prepared. 

We worked in Wassenaar and found some potentials, and even scheduled an appointment with a lady from England.

I couldnt really get anywhere with the Jehovah´s Witness man, as you probably have already guessed. He wouldnt really let us speak and just kept going on and on about the 144 thousand. Or whatever number it is. He was nice though...sort of. haha Not going to lie I didnt just let him walk all over me, because of course I cant do that. But I just bore testimony and promised him that if he actually read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it he would receive an answer. He didnt say he would, and then invited me to pray to be humbled and to find that I was actually wrong...haha. So we will probably not be knocking on his door any time soon!

The potluck was good. Delicious food, and Indhira came with her son, so we had a good time...

Other than that it was just a crazy week. We are just trying to find new investigators. The new ward mission leader is incredible and is already helping SO much. He looks just like you Dad Will and even reminds me of you in a lot of ways. He invited Doralin to dinner with us and also Indhira and he was just going missionary mode and baring powerful testimony. It was great! I barely had to do anything;) Naah but it is going really well here, and I am excited for a good and busy week!

I love you all and miss you. Crazy how time is flying by. I am so tired all the time, but I am not ready to leave. It feels unreal. My greeny is still great and her dutch is great!! She is way too hard on herself though and stresses being in the International ward. 

Anyways.....I hope you all have a great we are all going to go play volleyball with Dave on sand courts so I am pumped:)

Ik hou van jullie!!
wees veilig!
fijne week!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

p.s. I forgot to explain the quote at the at service this week at Wouter's he had us do all kinds of things like shovel dirt, pick weeds, and clean out stalls where the calves had stayed. Well it smelled really bad, and I was saying to sis. Vandenberghe that they probably hadnt been cleaned even after being birthed....and this was her response. haha it was lovely.
ur Dominicanse Republic onderzoeker made us delicous food!!

Ton de Groot!He was being super funny and singing songs for us! 

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