Tuesday, October 25, 2016



well that title is due to me running out of ideas for titles.

So another crazy busy week has gone by, and I am pretty exhausted, but we are seeing a lot of miracles. 7 non members showed up at church yesterday.  So that was pretty incredible.
I swear that this place is just blessed because the temple is here. HOLY GROUND!

But really...

Monday we had an incredible lesson with the lady that we met on the tram...she is the sweetest lady I have ever met. So sweet and sincere and I can tell that she has had a lot of difficulties in her life. I am so excited to just help her by sharing the gospel with her!

We went to the farm this week and named cows after us that didnt have names...and the personalities fit pretty well!! haha I will send you pictures of our cows. 

Also we carved pumpkins with Peter, a couple of his friends and their kids and it was a lot of fun!! Although the pumpkins are different here and we had to buy pretty small ones. 

But other than that it was a pretty basic week of running from appointment to appointment....sorry this letter is pretty lame...so I wanted to talk to you about what I have been studying for the past few days.

Our mission President has challenged us to read through the Book of Mormon by the end of this year and highlight everything that references Jesus Christ, and also to write all of the describing words of Christ, and all of the names He is given. I meant to tell you guys last week, and challenge you all to do it with me....but I totally spaced it sorry.
But it is never tooo late right. It would mean that you would have to read like 7 pages a day, but honestly I AM LOVING IT!!! I just always want to keep reading and i cant help but get ahead. I am seriously learning soooo much from it and I am enjoying it. The Book of Mormon is seriously soooo powerful. I want you all to know that i know that the Book of Mormon is true. I think I have always known, but being on a mission I really have received a witness that it is true. 
I was pretty exhausted this week, and overwhelmed at all of the things I have to do, and that are expected of me, and also training and wanting to do better for sis. Vandenberghe, but also doing a lot of this all on my own...and then cleaning and burning my hand because I was frustrated and the water was super hot(dont worry it is fine) and also going home soon and realizing that I need to use time wisely and not wanting to leave here at all!!! But I really just received soooo much strength as soon as I sat down and read the Book of Mormon. IT IS SOOOO POWERFUL!
So I challenge you all to set a goal...if not by the end of this year, but to set a goal to read it by a certain point and to highlight and write the names of Christ and the describing words in the back. You will come closer to Christ, and you will want to become more like Him and it will help you to become more like Him. I love Him and know that He lives!! Find out for yourselves!

Ik hou van jullie, en mis jullie heel veel!
Wees veilig!
Fijne week, en tot volgende maandag,

Zuster Stewart-Chester
Pday Picture from Dave Mutinga (He's the best sending this mum pictures of her daughter:)  

wouter...I know it looks like blood but it is actually medicine for the utters.
flirt to convert

preaching the gospel to cows...flirt to convert

Cows named after us..../our nicknames...
Vergie...for Zr. Vandenberghe.....

...Stewchie/Stucci(like gucci) for me.....

...Japsters for Elder Leishman....

Shoveling poop....

...and Steeler (steal in dutch) for Elder Steele.

wouter..I know it looks like blood but it is actually medicine for the utters.

 pumpkins with Peter...I did his for him. haha he didn't want to get dirty.

choir on sunday a member took this and sis. Vandenberghe played the violin

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