Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Well this week was a good one....we are starting to realize that it is summer, because literally maybe one of our appointments this week went through. Summer is great, but in missionary work it is not sooo fun. We have been spending a lot of time, knocking doors, of people who are not home. We are also getting a lot closer to the people who are actually interested, by knocking on doors of people who are really NOT interested! haha 

We did have a wonderful appointment though, which made up mostly for the hard week. It was with that man Jamil, who cannot speak English or Dutch. We went to his house and he fed us SOOOOOOOO much food!! He also sent us home with a big pan of chicken because we could not finish it. Such a funny appointment. He put on music from youtube and it is from his country and they were all dancing at weddings....then we all danced, it was the funniest thing ever. Dont worry we got it on video...but you might not get to enjoy it  until later. 

Also we went to the temple this week, and we were going to go on tuesday but it didnt work out, so we went on Thursday. It was wonderful, I love the temple, sooooo much!...especially in dutch!! On the way back I sat in a place where people would hopefully sit by us and no one did, almost the whole way, but I really sincerely believed that there was a reason that we had to go on thursday and not tuesday....well pretty close to the end, I had fallen asleep but then a guy got on and sat next to us and I quickly woke up, he had a a helmet to protect his face from big explosions or I turned to sis. Dixon and told her to ask him about his helmet and what he uses it for. So she did, she is wonderful. He talked to us for a while, and almost walked us home, I told him we lived a little while away...(not technically a lie) and we gave him a card...I didnt get his info and I am still a little upset at myself for that, but we had a really great conversation with him, and he was Christian and so we are praying that he calls us!! Or that we see him again!

We also had a wonderful lunch appointment with this cute member in the ward, who just married a dutch man and moved to the Netherlands from America...she is the cutest, and made us yummy olive garden breadsticks and soup and gave us kool aid! haha yum yum, It felt like I was in America!! She also makes wedding cakes, and had been experimenting, so we got to test one:) it was wonderful!!

Oh ya and we went to the zoo!! and the quote is a good one from Elder Mickelson after discussing possibly trying to do service at the zoo. haha

Other than that...just a pretty normal week...
we stopped by a girl that we had given a Book of Mormon to last week, and she had told us to come back and talk to her, and she told me she threw the Book out. Said that she understood why we believe it, but just threw it out, because it wasnt for her. So crazy. We think she looked up anti. so ridiculous that everyone thinks that everything on the internet is true! Why would you go to sources that arent even from the church, to find out truth.
Anyways...just a quick rant. It is sad to see people not accept the gospel, especially after reading the Book of Mormon. 
We are still working towards finding people who are really ready. We will have a lot of time to do that this week. This work is hard, but honestly THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!! Sad that not many people are open to just trying to see that. Be open!! that is all I can open to humbling yourself and seeing what you can change.  Be open to searching and finding answers, because it is a good thing to have questions...just as long as you dont let those questions stop you from keeping going...those questions should bring you to your knees and to more study! 
God loves us. He wants us to come to him with questions! So I invite you all to go to God to find answers to the questions you have. Because He truly does answer!

I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU! Time is going by crazy fast!! I cant believe that I almost have 3 months left. WHAT??? 
Keep being awesome!!

Wees veilig!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Elder Mickelson and Elder Leigh haha
sis. Dixon took her hair out on monday and it was an afro!
central station in Rotterdam.

Elder Gleave spying in the background.

0capis creepiest things ever.

Elder Wright and Elder Thornock.

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