Monday, August 8, 2016

Goedemorgen allemaal!!

HELLO!!! Everything is just going great here. 

It has been a kinda crazy week. 
We totally got interviewed and were in the newspaper haha. So that was weird...a member showed it to us, and we hadnt seen it, the picture of us is huge! and everything in it was positive, the lady was very nice! I will have to send you pictures..and I will try to mail one to you, but we havent even gotten our copies yet.

We also have received two new Elders in Gouda!
Elder Christianson and Elder Bartolini. They are super cool, and we are already having a super fun time. Elder Bartolini is sort of a greeny but was waiting in Peru with his visa for a very long time. He is actually from Peru, so speaks spanish, and studied in China, so speaks chinese, and his ancestors come from Italy, so he understands italian, and is fluent in English and now learning dutch! haha He is super funny and sassy!
Elder Christianson is from Provo, Utah...and has only been out for about 7 months, and his dutch is amazing!! He is already catching up to me, so I am going to have to get to work;) 
But they are super now we have 6 missionaries in Gouda/Ommoord for the time being, and it is crazy. But it was in the middle of the transfer, so we will see what happens in a couple of weeks.
I will only have two more transfers after this and it is insane...I want to see more of the mission, but I also do not want to leave here at all!! I feel like there is still soooo much that I could do here. 

 This week we had an amazing lesson with Jamil....because he got his friend Amar (I dont know how you spell that) whose surname is also two Jamil's, from Syria to come and translate for us. Well we got more out in 15 min. than we have been able to for the past 3 times we were there. Turns out he isnt actually that interested...unless he can find a wife to change his religion for. that was a downer...but we had a super cool conversation with his friend Amar and he is super cool! He speaks like 5 languages and has only been here for 10 months and speaks better dutch than most of this missionaries at that time on their mission. He is training for Judo! He told us with all the wars in Syria that it is really hard to believe in anything...but he told us that he wants to go to a monastery and be a monk for a week or something. haha. I asked him why and he said he thinks it would be cool to get away from all the technology. Then he practically asked us when the church was and when and said he would come! We didnt have to say anything! He is awesome!!

This week there was also a baptism for one of the cutest kid in the ward...Jasper. He is the sweetest, and he calls me Zuster Gitaar (sister guitar), and now sis. Dixon: Zuster Ukelele...(you can understand that) so he had us play some songs for us at his baptism. He is so sweet and sensitive to the spirit, and his mom told us that he just cried getting changed into his regular clothes after being baptized..crying sweet happy tears! 
...Elder Wilson has all the photos this week, cuz my camera is ridiculous and died and not really working too great. But he doesnt email till later, so I am going to split up my time and send you pictures later...

We also went to Kinderdijk again this week with Familie Markus! They are wonderful!!!
and we got some good pics for you mom!

I love and miss you all!!
I know that God loves us and answers our prayers! I know that this work is the Lords work, and even if we dont see big successes or Baptisms...that often...Heavenly Father gives us small successes every day. Small flecks of Gold. Small miracles...we just have to notice them!

Wees veilig!
Prettige Week nog!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

intense jumping 

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at kinderdijk

Jasper's baptism 

eating anjara last week from Ethiopia

typical dutch stampot
Broeder Spanjerberg

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