Monday, August 22, 2016

Two...not black eyes...

the newspaper article

Goedemorgen allemaal!!

This week was amazing!!!! We worked hard, played hard, and had a lot of fun!!

I actually cant remember what I told you about last week, but I think I told you all about Amar. Well Amar is great!!
We went and played soccer with a bunch of really cool people from Iritria and Amar came with. It was a blast. I have never had sooooo much fun playing soccer on my mission! Just putting it out there that I scored the winning goal, left footed, and Elder Bartolini had to crawl like a baby to try and save it and couldnt. It was fun. I also got hit with the ball in the face...for the second time this week, because I had also been hit in the face on Monday playing basketball, but dont worry I didnt get black eyes, because I CANT BRUISE! Literally. Even Elder Bartolini kicked me as hard as he could in the leg and I still am not showing a bruise. (he didnt really try to kick me, it was my fault...) But it was such a fun way to do missionary work, and I am determined to do it no matter where I go. 

Yep, transfers are this week, and sunday morning we heard the news. 
I am leaving beautiful Gouda....and am very very sad. This place is great, and we really are just starting to see success and find a balance in working hard and having fun. I also will miss these members here who have really become my family. This week has been crazy and my emotions have been all over the place, so this really was the first time I cried having to leave a city since Gent. I could have definitely stayed here for 6 months. But that is okay...because I trust President, and I know that he is an inspired leader.
This Wednesday I will be going to Leiden to meet my new companion...who I actually dont know what her name is, because....yep I will be training. You would think that President had learned the first two times, that I was not to be trusted;) but maybe he is just giving me another chance to not mess this one up...haha jk.
I am very excited actually. 
I will be whitewashing and going to Zoetermeer...soooooo lucky my I am only going a couple minutes by train and I am going to the city where the temple is!! Pretty cool! (ya you know how it is called the Den Haag tempel...well it is actually in Zoetermeer) Anyways...
fun part is, is that I will be in a four wo-man!! which means we will be opening..haha and live with two other sisters...and guess what. One of those will be one of my babies. My first actually. Sweet Sis. De Souza. I am excited to see her again.
I am very sad to have to leave sis. Dixon. We have had a lot of fun together...maybe a little bit too much fun;) but It will be hard to leave her...and also this awesome group of missionaries in Gouda, they have become really good friends.

Back to this week...well for my last Sunday in Gouda I went out with a bang...because for my whole time here, I have not been able to get anyone to come to church, and Amar came to church! Stayed the whole time, and really liked it! haha Everyone was super good and welcomed him, and he also participated in the lesson. His dutch is impressive and he understands sooooo much...way more than I did, when I was a greeny. Anyways. He is really positive and we are going to play basketball with him today!!

sorry that is pretty much everything that happened....well you know what I mean...nothing else extremely exciting or surprising. 
Time is going by fast, and it is starting to settle in...I know I always say this, but it is hard to leave this place, knowing that my time is almost up and once it is I might not see these amazing people for a very long time. Take advantage of those you are with. Express your love for them. Serve them, and show them you care, and are grateful for them, because time goes by too fast in this life....especially in mission life haha
I love my savior! I know He lives and comforts us in time of need!

Ik hou van jullie!
wees veilig en gezond.
prettige week verder,
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Making food at Jamil's American Cheeseburgers

Elder Bartolini, en Elder Christianson

Eating pizza tooo late after a good day of fasting and then playing soccer.

Zuster Markus, en Emmelyn
Zuster De Haas (Jaspers mom)

Zuster Dullaart

Thea and Mina Jonas...and Broeder  Martes finger.

Broeder Roelofsen and Tymen Riekwel in the background.

Marienka Riekwel


sis. Gerrits,

Familie Martes..and Titan (his parents are from America...but I taught him a couple times in primary he is soooo sweet and says the cutest prayers)


Sis. Muurling


Familie Bongers,


  1. heel leuk dat je jouw foto in de krant heeft. (not sure if I said that correctly)

  2. heel leuk dat je jouw foto in de krant heeft. (not sure if I said that correctly)