Monday, August 8, 2016


Goedemorgen iedereen!!

WHAT THE?? this week is already done, and the next one has begun.(that totally rhymed)..and as of today I only have 100 days left? WHAT??? that is weird! 

I am starting to realize that missions end, and I am not ready, but am...but I am totally not, and that I have to go back to normal life, and school, work, and boys. EW. haha

Not to mention, that EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED!!! STOP! haha 
But also congrats to Hailey and Jacob...Jacob you are soooo lucky, and Hailey you are a model, you looked absolutely beautiful...(dont worry my mom stalks everyone and updates me on everything)
and....congrats to AUBREY!!! getting engaged...(this is my trainer, sis. Robbins)

Everyone comes home and gets boyfriends, and I will be coming home as a loner...but that is okay, because I have whats most important my family...who are case you didnt already know. I miss you all and love you and am sooooo grateful for you all!!
But I still have time, so I am going to use it as much as I can!!

Anyways back to missionary work and real life;) 
This week was good...still some appointments dropped because it is vacation, and because of flauw people (not as interested people as we thought they were).....but!

That lady that I met from Ethiopia on the train with her cute baby a couple weeks ago...after what seemed like the 20th time we had stopped by her house, she finally was home, and let us in, gave us ANJARA...(that is probably spelled wrong), and took a Book of Mormon. (anjara: kind of like a pannenkoek (flat pancake, but not crepes) and with this curry sauce on top...LEEEKKKKKKKKEERRRR, <yummmmmmy>) So that was really cool!

Met with Jamil again this week..the guy who speaks zero dutch or English and he told us that he wants to become Christian!! so that is awesome!!...but said he has to find a dutch wife first? haha it is complicated trying to communicate with him that he doesnt have to do that, but he says he wants to. (good thing we are not dutch so we dont have to worry about it).

Oh forgot to mention a super cool miracle, last week (the week before last week I mean) we were a couple minutes early for our dinner appointment, and decided to knock this little street before we we started and almost left before finishing, but I said, we should have enough time, lets just do a couple more. Sure enough someone totally let us in to sing for her, and turns out she is a former member....Pretty crazy!! She has agreed to meeting with us, and has a lot of anti for us, but it is going well, and she is very nice!! haha

So...ya other than that it was a pretty normal week.  I cant believe school is already starting back up feels as though you all just barely were finished! 

Fijne week nog!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

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