Monday, July 25, 2016

familie Martes...I wish I had a sister young enough to marry that little boy. They said I could come live with them any time I wanted:)

Goedemorgen Iedereen!

Well this week was a very crazy week. It was good, then terrible, then good and then okay. Anyways. Basically towards the end of the week, we didnt have one lesson that went through. So that was just lovely. You can tell that it is summer here, because no one is really home even when we are knocking.

But of course we still saw some miracles this week!
Monday our appointment also cancelled, and so we went out to do some look ups after dinner. This old lady let us in, because i talked her into letting us sing a song for her. She is a funny lady, and loves to talk. She started going off about random stuff and every time I tried to bring in the points of the lesson she just kept bringing it on topic. I was about to just give up and probably never go back, but then I talked to her about prayer and a life after death. She told me she wants to believe in a life after death, but has cant. I testified that  she could pray to ask our Heavenly Father to receive an answer, and invited her to do so. She asked when? and I told her tonight, and she agreed. We scheduled another appointment for tonight, so we will see how that goes.

I was told by the Elders that I am a flirt this week...because I contacted this guy on the bus, and I was cracking jokes and laughing a lot, because: I WAS TRYING TO KEEP HIM TALKING!! haha I totally wasnt...and if I was that was not my purpose we had a really good conversation...and the Elders were joining in as well.

We met with the guy who wants us to teach him Nederland/dutch this week. He is awesome!! We brought the Elders with us, and to be honest teaching him dutch did not go very far. He started bringing out food, and by the end he was calling us family and taking pictures with us. haha He scheduled an appointment with us for us all to come back and eat food with him. (but it took us about 30 min. just to figure out the day and everything because we still cant understand each other) haha. 

Then yesterday....on our way back from our dinner appt. with the Elders. this lady got on the bus, so I helped her lift her baby stroller in...and then off, but I couldnt sit by her because there was no way to. then she got on to the same train as us, and asked me to help her get on again. Of course I did, and the Elders and my companion all got on and sat down, but she staying in the open are of the train with her stroller. I awkwardly stood and talked with her, knowing that I needed to. She then asked me if I wanted to sit, so I did and I started talking to her. She is from Ethiopia and speaks amharic and english of course. She was super cute...and her baby was adorable. We started talking and she told me it is difficult for her to go to her church in Rotterdam so she only goes every 3 weeks. I told her our church is in Gouda and she is welcome to come, and then I finally worked up the courage and asked her if we could bring a Book of Mormon by in Amharic for her. She agreed and gave me her that was pretty cool, we will see what she thinks.

Other than that, it was sooooo hot this week. Not as hot as probably Utah but with the humidity it just makes you want to die. haha but it was also kinda nice at some points. (besides the humidity) 

I also cut Elder Wilsons hair this week, because he fixed my shoe that fell apart and agreed to maintenance my I gave in for the first time on my mission...and I sorta messed up a little...haha. What do you expect has been way too long! But It still looks pretty dang good, and he got it for free so....

I cant think of titles anymore sorry.....

Anyways...I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!! I had a dream last night that I came home and was done with my weird. Grateful it was not real, but I am excited to see you all again, and just talk to you in person and tell you all these stories in person!

Wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

...sorrry these are all I got as far as pictures for this week!
cutting Elder Wilsons hair.

This is how I felt about the weather...

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