Friday, July 8, 2016

Who knew that weeding would be soooo much fun.

MTC to MLC...because practically my whole district are now zone leaders.  
I dont know if I sent the other picture...but it is our album cover;)

but Elder Ocampo wasnt there so we had to improvise and have Elder Richards join, because he was also in our MTC group.


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Well this week was an interesting on. A hard one....but a good one.

We taught our investigator Michel a lot...the one in a wheelchair, and even had Romy (a new member who is our age) come a long. It was the best lesson yet and the spirit was soooooo strong. We finally committed him to come to church and to a barbecue after to celebrate 4th of July....
The next day on my way home from Belgium I receive a call from his mother. She told me that she does not want us to meet with him ever again. Although it is kind of ridiculous that he is 39 and she is not allowing us, when he has full control over his own choices. We dont know the extent of his conditions and we want to respect her, and she told us that he feels the same way. So it was a stab in the heart kind of...Just because he had also become a good friend and I had done sooo much to try and help him. 
But hey I got to go to Belgium so that was nice. (trying to find positives;))

us drenched after getting dropped...sis parker
Then the next day on exchanges it poured sooooooo much. We got drenched within 5 minutes and we went to an appointment with my shoes just squeaking and farting....and he sat us down and told us that he does not want to meet with us anymore...(now the knife was being twisted)....not going to lie, I saw it coming, he wasnt as positive after all. 
And for the rest of the week, literally all of our appointments cancelled. No joke. It was kind of long...but to look at the positives again, I was able to go to Belgium and MLC and see me friends.

Other than that we are just working hard, and we were able to do service for an old less active lady this week. We weeded. It was wonderful!! It is funny how before the mission, anything to do with the garden is a chore, and if you come on the mission it is a treat. It is sooooo nice just to be able to relax and stare at weeds and pull weeds and sit in the sun. It was a nice project after a long week and she was sooo grateful and proud of her garden when we left.
I wish dutch people would let us help them more. I had to practically beg her to let us help her do her garden. Anyways...

That is just about it. We celebrated Bo's birthday...4th of July with familie de Jonge yesterday with a big American Barbeque it was wonderful!!

Birthdays: sorry i am the worst!!
I LOVE AND MISS YOU...I am working on letters...,but you know me...I am terrible at writing, and I am sorry...I will try to do better.

I MISS YOU ALL!! I know it was a rough week, but I still do love it here. I am looking forward to a miracle filled week full of finding and knocking:) haha.

wees veilig!!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Elder Muller, Elder Groesbeck and Elder Hosea.


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I made a cake.
sis. de jonge made a pie...

we couldnt leave out canada of course
making smores

smores..simon de jonge
Anna...she is always sooo serious and cute. It is sooo hard not being able to hold her.

Broeder de jonge.
and of course sis. Duncan took the I found this later 
 Elder Da Silva also joined in.

  Elder Wilson   and  Estelle


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