Monday, July 18, 2016


Zuster Dixon:)

Well everyone...this week I was just exhausted, and still am, but things are going really well and we had a really great weekend!!

I have my new Companion...and she is African American. haha not really but she has corn rows and extensions, because the amazing Leticia Richardson in Groningen did them for her.(I LOVE YOU LETICIA) I am super jealous....haha but not really cuz I dont think I could do it.
But seriously....SIS. DIXON is great!! haha she is funny and we are already having a good time. She also sings, so today we are going to go to the music store and finally buy me a strap so that we can do some music contacting. She is from West Point Utah.

Other people in the zone....well it is basically the same people except now Elder Wright and Elder Thornock are our zone leaders. Elder Wilson and Elder Ord are both staying in Ommoord....

This week we didnt have that many dinner appointments so we were able to go to places to get some stuff done. We went all the way out to Bodegraven and had dinner early so that we could try to contact a referral. Well she wasnt interested, and we talked to another lady who had been positive, and she had read anti-material online, so she accused me of being a polygamist. So that was interesting...I tried to fix the situation a little, and succeeded...sort of. But we will see. Then because we were out in Bodegraven we stopped someone out on the street and she wanted a Book of Mormon and also wanted us to come that was the reason why our dinner appt. had to be cancelled so that we could find her. Pretty cool.

Elder Wilson is scared of heights...
The Elders also had a baptism this weekend and it was wonderful!! We had a great turn out. Sis. Dixon asked me who we could invite the day I just made a ton of calls and sure enough someone came!!! It was actually a lady that dropped us, because it wasnt the right timing, and didnt really agree to meeting with us again, but she liked it, and I know she felt to spirit. It was cool...she calls me her little treasure or her little girl (schaatje, meiske) haha for some reason she really likes me so she came and it was cool! I sang, and it wasnt my best performance, but it was okay. 

Our Street and the Church is on the other side..
Then yesterday was one for the books, let me tell you! TECHNOLOGY IS AMAZING!!! haha me and sis. Conrad had knocked a little bit more on the street that a member had given us in Woerden and we had met this guy that spoke literally no English or Dutch, but had told us to come back sooooo we did. haha and we sat in his house with his family and they fed us and we communicated through a telephone translator. Pretty incredible!! He wants us to teach him dutch....but little does he know, we will be teaching him the gospel muahahaha nooo just kidding...but really not. It was pretty cool. We sang for them, and they were all taking pictures with us and filming who knows where they will end up. Crazy thing is his family is living in Denmark right now she the lady spoke Danish and maybe it had to do with the fact that my ancestors are from Denmark, but I was able to understand some of the things she was saying!! Also to do with the fact, that some of dutch is really similar...but it was cool!! THE SPIRIT IS AWESOME!!! I am telling you. The things you experience on a mission are soooo bizarre. and so great!! When is that ever going to happen again? well hopefully more, because I have still got time. 

story time! Yesterday I was sleeping on the train, because I am sorry I just could not contact one more person this week....I was so tired and I just passed out. When all of a sudden I hear this creeepy voice saying: "SISTERS YOU ARE SLEEPING, WAKE UP SISTERS ITS BEEN LONG TIME!!!!" creepiest thing of my life...did I mention that he was tickling my neck. I had taken my glasses off and literally jumped this guy was leaning over me. and I look at this guy in the face. haha his name is apparently Douglas and we went over and sat with him, and my companion gave him our number but we are going to hand him off to the Elders.. 

Zuster Flux

Lucilene...a member here from Brazil.

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Zuster Dixon has Corn rows from Letitia 

I LOVE THIS is sooooo hard, and some days I just struggle getting out and working like everyone else...but there is no where I would rather be. I love it!!

Ik hou van Jullie!!
Wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

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