Monday, June 27, 2016

I believe in Miracles....where you from?

Zuster Gouda

Well I hope you arent getting sick of my short miracle emails, because I might not be sending much different for the rest of my mission. sorry....

Miracles this week:

We knocked a lot, and received a lot of referrals langs de could have been because I had asked to sing for them and then they point me to someone musical, but it was still pretty cool. We started out with two referrals this week, and ended with 2 and 7 contacted...not many interested but it was still pretty cool.

Also this week I got my first member referral!! haha woohooo it does actually happen here;) We were just asking them to pray for a street for us to knock and she said...this is the street this is the name and this is the house. Right then and there. Pretty cool!! 

Also from one of our referrals from last week (also from going langs de deuren(knocking)) it was just from this Muslim guy who had said that this lady had been through a rough time and needed our message. So we came back and guess what. She was interested!! Took a Book of Mormon and scheduled an appointment with us...(in a month, but all well).

sorry that I dont do very much follow up on some of these referrals...if you are ever really just curious about what actually happens with them just ask. Usually if I stop talking about them that means they arent investigating...but not always!!

We had zone Conference this week and it was really good!! I had to give a small presentation on being more creative and making new finding ideas. It went well I think. haha but zone Conference was good, learned a lot, and received more things that I need to work on. (it never ends in this is wonderful!! :))

I am sooooo exhausted!!! Yesterday I could not stop laughing at everything Elder Wilson and Elder Ord said...I think I was ready for my pday haha, but today I get to go play basketball!! I am excited, and this week, because sis. Conrad has to do Legal work...I get to go to Brussells!! YIPPEEEE!! haha

The time goes by soooo fast and I can already tell that this week is going to be a fast one!

Ik hou van jullie!!
Wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

Zuster Conrad Isnt she cute:)? haha she will hate me for this


Zuster Conrad and I:) 

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